Sunday, August 02, 2009

What would you like to swap Hilary?

There is an interesting and rather plausible article in this morning's Sunday Telegraph by Patrick 'throw my toys out of the pram at bloggers who question me" Hennesey.

Apparently there may be secret plans afoot to have a swift change in the law that would allow Peter Mandelson to quit his life peerage and then seek a safe-seat in the Commons - with the hope a Labour leadership bid.

The first part of the story, about a swift change int he law is not exactly difficult I would have thought. A quick amendment to the Peerage Act 1963 which allowed hereditary peers to quit - Tony Benn being the classic example - could be brought it pretty quickly.

Putting Mandelson aside, there is also some cross-party clamour for this sort of thing anyway in the wake of the like of Digby Jones etc who took peerages to be in Government and then left. Tom Harris - the best Labour MP blogging I'd say - made this point only recently.

Would did strike me as odd in the Telegraph piece though was the rumour that Hilary Armstrong may give up her North-East seat to make way for Mandelson should the law be changed in this way. It makes one wonder what she's been promised, could it be errr.... a seat in the House of Lords?

Will Noel Edmonds be involved in the deal a la Swap Shop.

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