Sunday, August 02, 2009

Illegal Immigrant Story of the Day

Love it or hate it, a good illegal immigrant story sells papers. Occasionally the story is so good it just makes you laugh out loud, although I have to be careful doing that right now or I might get a nose bleed, something which nearly happened when I read this in the Mail on Sunday.

Apparently, an illegal immigrant stowed away between the fuel tank and a chassis on a coach through the Channel Tunnel. They then did a runner at Folkestone. The laughable bit comes with the fact that the coach was on contract transporting a load of Border Agency Control staff. You couldn't make it up better than that.

Hilariously, and also depressingly though, the driver of the bus is being let off. Were he merely an ordinary lorry driver delivering something he wouldn't be, but given the payload of the vehicle was the department that would have to punish him and it happened under their noses, you can kind of see the dilemma.

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