Thursday, August 06, 2009

Job Centres failing to handle increased numbers?

As is well documented now, the unemployment rate in the UK is soaring. Each day more people lose their jobs thanks to the economic downturn that has nothing to do with a failing Government or fiscal mismanagement over a decade but actually all started in America and is all their fault.

However, putting aside the problem of unemployment, can the Job Centres cope with the rise in numbers of those seeking work? I ask this simply because I've just read the following document which details the Job Centres in the current requiring estate work to allow them to handle an increased capacity.

As the document shows, there are hundreds of job centres across the country that will require more capital spending on them just so they can handle the numbers of people coming in. Wonder how much that will cost on top of everything else?

What the list does tell us is how bad the situation is starting to get. If you can't service the unemployed with the facilitiy to find jobs, then you're going to find yourself locked in a pretty vicious cycle.

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