Thursday, August 06, 2009

Everton wins something!

Last week, I sent a text message to Croydonian. The week previously we had been discussing the appalling new Newcastle away kit, and generally been lamenting about how the new West Ham home kit was horrible, and the new Everton home kit was equally wrong. The text message I sent to him said as follows,
Fuck, look at the new everton away kit
I'm pleased to say that my sheer horror at it has been confirmed today as it has been given the #1 spot by the Sun in its "Top 10 naff kits for 2009-10" ranking.

Frankly it is the worst kit I have ever seen any football team have to play in, and I have real sympathy for the players who will have to wear it during away matches. The home kit isn't much better, as it has tried to recreate a classic but failed to do it properly.

They look like blue bloody penguins and I won't be buying it.

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