Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Celebrating Dictatorship?

It never ceases to amaze me the rank hypocrites and apologists of the extreme Left for dictators around the world. Cuba is a case in point. A country with a communist dictator for over 50 years; widespread political oppression of dissidents and a hidden country that the tourists don't see. Yet we have to listen to people celebrating that they've got a great health care system.

Mussolini and Hitler made the trains run on time, it doesn't change the fact they were ruthless vicious bastards that needed to be defeated. Yet when it comes to Castro, he's elevated to a god like status, just like Che Guevara, a mass murderer is too. Don't get me wrong, Batista was a bastard too, but just because one bastard overthrew another bastard it doesn't mean you stop acknowledging he's just as big a bastard too.

I mention this because I've just watched the video below by the RMT which shows their "celebration" of the the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.

Just like with the Soviet Union, they ignore that which is unpalatable and elevate the "achievements" of an undemocratic dictatorship.

God, Leftie political posturing and hypocrisy that supports dictatorship winds me up.

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