Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What was said and will this be Brown's last PMQs?

Interesting news coming out of Downing Street. Apparently, yesterday Blears went to see Brown and "ventialted her anger" about the way she had been treated by Brown compared to other Cabinet minister on the matter of expenses. She then left having not resigned, discussed the issue with her colleagues and friends, and then stuck the knife in this morning.

The question you have to wonder is what exactly was Brown's reaction to Blears's alleged rant? Was it just so typical of a Brown response that Blears thought, to put iot bluntly, "fuck you"? My guess is that he did, and we're now witnessing the so-called "sisterhood" taking out the kitchen knives.

We've had Hewitt, Hughes, Smith, now Blears, and the rumour is that Flint may go too. Kitty Usher was also a Blears supporter for Deputy. Could it be that in twenty minutes or so we may very well be seeing Brown appear as PM at the Dispatch Box for the last time? I'm not sure it will be because he's the kind of man that will refuse.

However, the lesson, as William Congreve wrote is clear,
Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned
Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.
Expect Brown to take a right beating at PMQs from Cameron about his Government quite literally falling apart. Expect Brown to fightback heaping praise on them and saying that it's not really about him.


backbenchwarrior said...

Just how long until Alan Johnson grows some balls?

Henry Crun said...

Just watching DP, and apparently Flint will resign "but not today".

Wipeout tomorrow and Brown will be toast by Monday.

Scott said...

Cameron failed to land the killer blow again.

I am fast approaching the settled view that PMQs is simply not Cameron's best forum.

In interviews and other settings he comes across as personable, articulate and intelligent. Definite leadership material.

At PMQs somehow, that just never quite translates. Tory MPs will have left the chamber subdued and ruing a missed opportunity after that.