Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Brown gets angry, then praises and slates Blears at PMQs

Having watched PMQs I have to say it's the most absurd I have ever seen. For a start it was an interesting choice for Brown to decide to sit next to Shaun Woodward, the infamous defector to Labour when the Tories were falling apart. I wonder if someone might jump ship the other way soon?

When Brown was asked if the Cabinet reshuffling itself meant he wouldn't bother, he got angry and started banging his hand on the Dispatch Box. I expect him to take his shoe off and do a Krushchev at one point. As predicted earlier, Brown chose to heap praise on Jacqui Smith and Hazel Blears. I see Jacqui Smith was sitting next to Andy Burnham (a Blears supporter for deputy).

Most hilariously was that Brown started to argue that the issue of resignations is about expenses and the pressure it has put MPs and their families under. The thing is, as Cameron noted, if it was about expenses, why didn't Blears and Smith resign weeks ago? Brown also refused to guarantee there would be no further resignations.

What was worse though was when Brown started to argue that the Tories had no policies and that was a reason why there should not be an election. Now, if he really thinks the Tories have no policies, surely that would be a reason to have an election because you're going to win? Only a complete idiot would actually try to make that sort of argument. It;s a bit like saying you won't hold an election because you think you'll win... oh!

Incredibly, Brown started banging on about helping mortgage holders. The thing is, the Government revealed two days ago that only two families have been helped by the £285m Mortgage Relief Scheme since January. The subject then came up later about this figure and Brown denied it was the case.

This is important, because at beginning he said Hazel Blears as the Communities Secretary had done a brilliant job. Yet it was the DCLG that revealed only two families have been helped. So basically he's slated Blears and effectively said her department is lying no less than 15 minutes after praising her.

I did enjoy Clegg taking advantage of the recent poll that has put them in second place, noting that the only choice is between the Tories and Lib Dems at the ballotbox and that Labour is "finished".

Note: This was posted before PMQs finished because I got bored listening to Brown's voice.


Anonymous said...

I've heard there are three potential defectors Cameron has lined up at the minute, one of which being one of the forerunners for the Speaker's chair, believe it or not.

John of Enfield said...

I thought Martin was partisan (again! and again!) when he threatened to terminate PMQs. This provided a bit of assistance to Brown.

Mark M said...

So how is the production of tractors?

I like Brown's like of attack. You have no policies so we won't call an election. Another insult to the British people, assuming we are too thick to be allowed to judge for ourselves the 'no policy' Tories.

It's funny though, he accuses them of having no policies but also likes to bring up their inheritance tax policy - so which is it?

WitneyTory said...

Shaun Woodward was only sat there because it was Northern Ireland Questions beforehand.

Having said that he'll probably do well from the reshuffle - a possible Home Secretary methinks. After all Labour could do with a little more Sainsbury money.

Woodward is pretty charmless though - didn't like him when he was my MP and very glad he left so we got someone much better - a certain Mr Cameron indeed.

Oldrightie said...

Nick Palmer weakly attacked the shadow front bench as the richest man in Parliament, Woodward sat next to Brown. Breath taking hypocrisy and so Labour envy.

Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

During the PMQ Tractor Statistics typical response to Cameron's baiting,he stated that 35,000 new cars had been sold thanks to the "old bucket trade" than would have(I think I heard the "would have" bit)

Anyone corroborate what I thought I heard and whether Brown was making it up on the hoof?

He has previous, you know.

Conand said...

Clarification: 2 recent polls have had the Lib Dems in 2nd place.

(The 2nd had them 2nd equal, as it were)