Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Maily Telegraph

Interesting sense of news priority from the Telegraph this morning. Whilst the top story on the main page is "Cabinet meltdown" should someone have bookmarked the Politics page instead the priority of the news is slightly different with the following running order,
  1. Miliband talking up the BNP saying it would be "shameful" if we sent one of them to the European Parliament (surely it will actually make us more european?)
  2. Apparently ministers are concerned about reality TV star Susan Boyle
  3. An actor that played Tony Blair in "The Queen" says the Queen and Blair didn't watch the film.
  4. Cabinet in meltdown.
Is the political editor Andrew Porter losing the plot?


First Time Caller said...

Speaking of skewed priorities, is it just me, or has the "impartial" BBC managed to talk about everything under the sun except the strengthened pressure on Gordon Brown? There's even plenty on the matter in the Guardian, but from what I've seen from the BBC this morning, hardly a peep about it, with the exception of bringing on a couple of Brown loyalists to briefly bang his drum.

T England said...

Get ready to feel the shame of pushing people to the BNP Miliband LOL!

I am SO loving this election :o)

Grumpy Old Man said...

Mr. Porter was slaughtered by Mr Howard on Newsnight(?) a couple of days ago. He also wrote a nauseatingly toadying article at cabinet office direction on Guido's email story. The handling of the expenses CD has been accentuating sensationalism rather than bringing the fruadulent and outright crooked to book. He has also consicuously failed to finger the Ball's, who are 2 of the worst troughers in Parliament.
wv: Unantiel!