Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Legs Eleven and Two Fat Ladies!

Now tha Parliament is back after Recess I thought I would look at the Ealry Day Graffiti Motions to see what the latest attempt by MPs to get positive local press might look like. As a result I stumbled upon this motion by former community cohesion minister, Parmjit Dhanda. It seems the tabling of the motion follows his support locally for Mecca bingo.

Now, putting aside the general waste of money surrounding EDMs, I found it particularly amusing that someone who was formerly in charge of "community cohesion" would suddenly be supporting a "gambling establishment" called Mecca even if it isn't in Luton.

It's the little anomolies of politics that tickle me sometimes.


Humpty Dumpty said...

'Tow fat ladies' and 'Ealry Day Motion' - lol Dizzy, were you on the sauce last night? ;)

dizzy said...

Corrected, fat fingers on a mobile

BexleyTory said...

What about this immensely import EDM by Keith Vaz

Conand said...

This is Gloucester though Dizzy!!

The Mosque is next to B&Q and is in the same architectural style as B&Q. Its wewy wewy weird.