Monday, June 01, 2009

Is a LabourHome/Labourlist merger on the cards?

Has anyone seen the new look LabourHome yet? A fancy new layout, and new theme, but is there more too it than just a new look? Take a look at the source code of the page. For some reason LabourHome is referencing LabourList "Version 3".

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Apparently there has been some discussion in the depths of Labour HQ about merging these two sites, although I imagine that would require some sort of "buyback" as LabourHome was sold last year to Mike Danson at the New Statesman if I recall correctly.

More importantly, if it's true that there have been discussion at Victopria Street about merging the two sites, then it kind of brings into question the stated "independence" of both of them.


Not a sheep said...

Did anyone seriously believe that LabourList was completely independent of the Labour party?

dizzy said...

No, but it syas it is so I take the assumption that it is unless it is clear that it isn't. much of the vidence suggests of course that it is not, as I have blogged before.

Sue said...

Their other site "Labourist" has disappeared too.

Chris Paul said...

Labourist was the work of a confused BNP-Tory boy was it not Sue?

The Labour Party don't own either site and post-Draper Labour List have been somethingly less on message.

Labour Home have never been on message and are clearly independent of thought.

If there had not been an ego the size of Draper's involved, and with disdain for the existing offering then Labour Home, Bloggers4Labour and perhaps others would have been within the solution instead of inventing some new capacity.

There is clearly some cross over in personnel on the technical end of things. Hilton (post-Draper) and Singh (throughout).

Stronghold Barricades said...

Don't you think this has more to do with Unite not supporting the current Labour encumbant, and the fact that the Labour party has some rather large debts which most banks would foreclose on if it were a business