Thursday, May 07, 2009

Not Alan Milburn

Not exactly an original idea, but a mildly amusing use of the Internet in political campaigning methinks. The Tory PPC for Darlington, Edward Legard, who is fighting Alan Milburn, has had his campaign team registered and pointed it to their own site.

I doubt they get much incoming traffic from it, and to be fair it's rather silly and foolish.


Scary Mary said...

Can't Milburn just get it back as this dude is cyber-squatting? When he does, he can also get an article in the local paper about Tory dirty tricks impersonating him and other such bullshit which the IT illiterate folk in Milburn's constituency will lap up?

ConstantlyFurious said...

Your link is broken, dear. So now CF can't admire either of these fine gentlemen.

Alex said...

Probably the easiest way for a Conservative PPC to garner scorn and derision short of earnin a criminal record. Still the best and the brightest Tories aren't asked to stand in Darlington.

teesbridge said...

Milburn is an absentee MP, based on Tyneside and prone to "don't-you-know-who-I-am?" State Visits.

His local council almost lost control to the Tories at the last elections and the Lib Dems are nibbling away as well.

Despite the Northern Echo editor making Toenails Robinson look like a Tory-loving stooge, there's a lot less support for young Alan than you might imagine.

Oh and the last "best and brightest" Tory to hold Darlington? Step forward Michael Fallon, the thinking man's John McFall.

Span Ows said...

"Rather silly and foolish"?

Sounds rather funny to me.