Thursday, May 07, 2009

Is the 2020 Vision coming back?

Matthew D'Ancona has written a piece for this weeks Spectator which hypes up the leadership plots going in the Labour Party. He's also posted at the CoffeeHouse about it, explaining how Charles Clarke denials don't wash with him anymore.

As some might remember, Charles Clarke and Alan Milburn, prior to Brown's coronation, set up a Blairite website called "The 2020 Vision". They eventually closed it when it fell flat on its face and it was evident Brown would be crowned leader unopposed.

The reason I mention the 2020 Vision site is because, strangely, for a site that has been closed, the domain registrations for both the and versions of the domain were renewed on 12th March 2009 for a further two years.

Now it could have been done automagically because someone left their credit card details with the Registrar, but what is odd is that the date it was renewed and paid for seems to be after it had expired, suggesting a manual intervention by someone rather than an automagic process.



Guido Fawkes said...

Hmmm, not like people are gearing up for a civil war or anything.

Anonymous said...

Don't waste too much time thinking about it. We are in the hands of the bond markets now. Once foreigners realise that the only people buying UK gilts is the BoE, they will realise it is inflationary and run for the exits.
You are about to experience the mother of all currency collapses. It is impossible to say exactly when, but certainly within a couple of months.
When it happens nobody is going to be thinking about replacing Brown, which according to Labour Party rules is nearly impossible anyway, they are going to be thinking about hanging him.
As an aside, could you set up a quiz to see how many people are pro hanging Brown?

Anonymous said...

A glimpse into the future of the Labour Party, Charles Clarke and pizzas.

dillydaydream said...

Any way to avoid the worst of the currency crash on our incredible shrinking savings accounts?

Allan said...

Sounds like a fate worse than Gordon Brown, having Milburn or Clarke lead New Labour.