Thursday, May 14, 2009

New features and blog weirdness

For any readers out there that get annoyed with trying to read this blog on a handheld device, I have now added a link above that will take you to The version of the site there is lightening quick and will look like the image to the right.

Additionally, some people may have noticed some weirdness with the blog. Specifically it travelling in time where sometimes all the posts from Wednesday and Thursday disappearing. If that happens hold down CTRL and press the Refresh button. Have a theory why it's happening but can't be sure.

If you want to get a mobile friendly version of your blog, visit It's free and if you do own your own domain you can point it at the URL they provide. They also have a Wordpress plugin so that your blog autoredirects mobile users if that is the platform you are using.

Update: Ok, have noticed Mofuse is too slow so have redirected the Mobile view fo the blog to Google reader.

Update II: Fixed the speed issues - I think - and slightly customised the mobile view.


Mike Rouse said...

Can't see ability to comment there. For WordPress a personal favourite plugin is "MobilePress", which puts out an optional nice iPhone interface too, complete with comment-making ability. Also allows you to design custom mobile themes. Will check out later, though.

dizzy said...

Thats because it is just a skinned RSS feed.

Andrew said...


Can you please include a link from the mobile site to the main site? I use OperaMini on my phone which does a perfectly good job of displaying your website, so I'd rather not be redirected.


dizzy said...

Errr its not an autoredirect so you don't need to worry about that.

Making Guido Mobile said...

Really good for BlackBerry. I even made a Guido Fawkes mobile version at because his feed doesn't work properly on (my) BlackBerry.