Thursday, May 14, 2009

Airbrushing expenses?

The following screenshots were taken a few moments ago. Isn't it interesting that the only political party website from the three main parties that even makes a mention of expenses and the "cost of politics" is the Tory one?

I'd at least expect the Lib Dems to be making hay with it - they;ve not been hit quite so hard as the other two - but I'm really surprised Labour has no metnion of it given that Brown went on the BBC the other day to insist he was leading the call for reform. Clearly the website of the party he leads contradicts that lie.

I think the Labour website shows just how out of touch with the public feeling they really are, and, politically speaking, they're just following rather than leading.


Christopher said...

Having had the misfortune of trying to use the Labour website yesterday I was amazed how awful it is, poorly laid out, no search function in sight and a general mismash of incoherent information. Politics to one side, its amazing that a major organisation would accept having a website like theirs.

ukipwebmaster said...

Brown could be doomed:

Houdini said...

I find it difficult to understand how the Labour party on their webshite makes most prominent the suggestion of the lie that the Tories are planning austerity for pensioners and the old in general. Labour is the party of no savings rates, destroyed pension systems, 75p rises etc. etc.

Do these people really still live in the 70's where they believe that the voters will believe anything just because they say so?

nick said...

The Labour website is not just woefully out of touch, it also demonstrates a feeble grasp of English grammar. It's "Austerity for WHOM".

troymolloy said...

Shurely 'Austerity for whom...'?