Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You have to love conspiracy loons though!

If you want to read something then take a look at this feature piece in today's Times by David Aaronvitch titled "9/11 conspiracy theories: The truth is out there...just not on the internet".

As one would expect, as I do when I post this, the comments have people saying that the conspiracy theories are credible because, for example, Aaronvitch does not "de-bunk the credible points - WTC7; high temps; impossible collapses;etc".

There is bugger all to that of course, because the clever scientific type engineer guys over at Popular Mechanics did it already and even published a book on it.

The point I would like to make on Aaronvitch's argument is not that I wish the conspiracy theorists would not be there, but rather that its great they are they because we can all chuckle at the death-defying leaps of logic that are made when the existence of a conspiracy is the default assumption being made.

Cue conspiracy loons.


silas said...

There's been a "debate" about this over on the CPFC forum for the past week or so. See

I think a couple of people believe it's all a big conspiracy, and pretty much everyone else has been attempting to point out the errors in their argument. It's up to 51 pages at the minute.

(Note, I am not a Crystal Palace fan, but someone else in the office is)

dizzy said...

Loving the caveat on the end. We know the truth!

silas said...

The truth is far, far worse.

Being originally from Newcastle, it is my, er, destiny (yes, that's it, I'll blame fate) to support the comedy that is NUFC.

Still, next season I may be able to watch CPFC play NUFC in the league...

Houdini said...

Aaranovich is doing any outlandish piece to avoid digging at labour or Brown in any way.

Brave soldier.