Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Twitter Panic

On a serious note, swine flu has shown just how crap Twitter really can be. See here for interesting article.
Image from xcd


Stu said...

I dunno - I think that article (the one you linked to at the end) is a bit hyperbolic, and selective in which tweets they pulled out. The vast majority of talk I've seen on Twitter about swine flu has been derisive and mocking. Hence all the #pigageddon #aporkalypse #snoutbreak #hamdemic and #hamageddon stuff.

I don't think it shows 'how crap Twitter can be' - more like how quick everyone is to turn a medical outbreak into a punch line.

xkcd, as usual, was awesome.

Old Codger said...

According to the BBC Brown has said "The UK is one of the best prepared countries to deal with swine flu and 'all action necessary' will be taken to stop its spread".

It really is time to panic.

Valentin said...

Like this! Yes, twitter has gone crazy with swine flu. Come here what we say on "is the swine flu infecting social medias?"