Thursday, April 09, 2009

OMFG they want to make us all gay!

This video is doing the round on the blog right now, it seems the The National Organization for Marriage have decided there is a deep and dark storm coming - the storm being maruading homosexuals in skin tight hot pants who by the very nature of being accorded the same legal rights as married people will infect us all with the gay.

Getting people to appear in their "advert of doom" was difficult it seems though, and the audition tapes of actors trying to feign the sheer scariness of the gay crowd coming to ruin their lives has appeared online too via "End the Lies".

You have to love the way wedge issues in the US get condensed to lowest denominator silliness like this. I sincerely hope there is a response that has a storm cloud dissipated by sunshine which is deliberately camp in content and takes the piss out of these people. The only way to deal with them really is through mockery.
Hat Tip: Crossed Pond and Comment Central.


jamesburdett said...

I do love the irony that they are forming a rainbow coalition.

Anonymous said...

I am always saddend when people are not allowed to have a different point of view about gay people to what is the concieved opinion. There is always somebody ready to take the piss because there is a difference of thought. What is so wrong about being at variance with what other people think, we are all entitled to a point of view, even if you think gay is the best thing since sliced bread, which it may well be-or not.

Thatsnews said...

I wonder what NOM crowd think of this?

People were tricked into signing an anti-gay marriage petition by a deliberate fraud.

Kinderling said...

Yep, mock marriage into simply seeing it as sexual union between two people who may step out of it if things aren't working out.

mutleythedog said...

Oh NO!

The reply video has gone!

Anonymous said...

"there is a deep and dark storm coming - the storm being maruading homosexuals in skin tight hot pants"

Ooh I do hope so.

Incidentally, what do you think they'd make of Glendora?!

mutleythedog said...

I am looking forward to that bit as well - it sounds... exhilarating!