Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Chipmunk bites back at legal threats?

In a rare moment of praise for a Government minister, I have to say kudos to Hazel blears for basically saying "bugger off, sue me, see you in court" to Dr Daud Abdullah and the MCB.

Iain Dale has the exclusive here with a letters from the solictors representing Hazel Blears noting that what she wrote in a letter to the Guardian was not libellous but factual.

In that letter, Hazel Blears pointed out that Dr Daud Abdullah, a prominent member of the Muslim Council of Britain, had signed the Istanbul Declaration, which essentially has clauses in it which argue for attacks on Jews and troops.

Blears is clearly standing by her letter and the lawyers response, as posted by Iain, suggests that she won't be backing down anytime soon.


Lexander said...

Fight, fight! I want to see Abdullah in court and questioned by a tough bastard QC.

Chalcedon said...

Good! The MCB are bunch of extremists anyway and this letter proves it. What she should now do is see how many of these bastards she can get deported.

Lizard Watcher said...

All power to the arm of Hazel on this one - and I find your calling her 'The Chipmunk' offensive - she is, of course 'The Sex Dwarf'.

Anonymous said...

Hazel Blears eh? Mmmm, on balance you would, wouldn't you?