Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Brown's pensions doublethink

Having just got back from lunch I am truly astounded that Gordon Brown, the man who stole billions of pensioners savings in his first year as Chancellor woul,d stand uop in the Commons and say the Tories would cut pensions.

There are few words that can quite express the sheer arrogance, doublethink and downright duplicity of the lying one-eye Scottish idiot. Why did no one stand up and ask "How much has the Prime Minister taken from pensioners as a result of his 1997 Budget as Chancellor?"


Anonymous said...

Brown is a shameless bastard.

G Eagle Esq said...

Buon Giorno, Signor Dizzy

PENSION FUNDS - Extra Tax paid since 1997

Is the Total Figure £72 Billion, with an extra £6 Billion charged every year


how much have this Government's Pension Regulations cost :

eg in Actuarial fees

eg requiring Pension Funds to sell shares at the bottom of the market, to meet increased liquidity requirements



wv = tromp

Mark M said...

It really is hard not to despair at how poor the opposition is.

Brown says "Tories would take money out of pensions". Talk about an open goal missed. "Hey Gordon, how many of those final salary pensions schemes, that public sector workers get, are available in the private sector since your 1997 budget?"

Conand said...

Very good point Dizzy. I agree entirely.

I want Dizzy to be my MP. Pactio Olisipiensis censenda est

Oldrightie said...

He is a thick bully. Dan Hannan gave him what for but sadly, DC seems unable to lay a glove on the bastard.

Notory said...

If I had been Cameron I would have used unparliamentary language and called him a liar.

Anonymous said...

Notory, what would Cameron gain by it. The Oppositions tactic seems to be one of handing out the rope.

We all know what a useless turd Brown really is, so there's no need for Cameron to defend his position just yet. At PMQ's Brown behaves like the drunken oaf at a wedding, shouting the odds at the guests who largely ignore him until someone from the bride's family has had enough and punches him in the gob. Brown's punch to the gob will come during the GE campaign.

Demetrius said...

Why are you so relentlessly nice to our Prime Minister. He deserves rather stronger criticism than this. Not only are the losses to pension funds, there is now the loss of incomes from savings. Add to this he has contrived a situation where the old in sheltered housing are being hit by catastrophic rises in service charges from commercial property management services whose owners have been bit by the collapse in commercial property. Robbing from babies in prams is bad, but robbing from those in wheelchairs?

bodo said...

£5 billion a year for 12 years equals £60 billion -- but that is only the start of it. When you take into account the impact of the compound interest that has been lost on such investments then you're looking at something like double that, ie £120 billion. Then add to that the impact it has had on the overall growth of the stock market by making shares a much less attractive investment (ours has performed worst than just about any other) and you could arguably double it again to over £200 billion.

Popular belief is that the Tories started to recover in the polls when they announced their inheritance tax proposals. This is wrong. The Tories surged when they had one of their precious few coordinated attacks on the government, and it was about Brown's impact on pensions! All this is bad enough, but recent events have caused the value of private pensions to plummet even further. Anyone about to retire will have seen their prospective pension income plummet by as much as 50%.

I despair of the Conservatives. This has been an open goal for 12 years, they should be mentioning it at every available opportunity. Brown's tax on pensions is the nastiest stealth tax ever - quite literally stealing the money that people have put aside for their old-age. How dare Brown claim to be helping pensioners. How dare he!

Anonymous said...

As Henry says most people know his words are all bullshit, but I don't think most people yet realise he is about to collapse the economy beyond anything we have ever seem before.
Hopefully he'll get hung for it, by a mob of baying grannys, with some knitting needles shoved up his rectum.

Lola said...

Seconded. I have been saying this since 1997

Demetrius said...

Amongst the pensioners under the cosh as savings income evaporates, council taxes rise, food prices go up, utility prices go up, there are those in sheltered housing who are being whacked with big rises in their service charges. The property companies are suffering and the vulnerable old are being made to pay.