Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kevin Maguire and friends' short memory on the Union Flag

Tim Montgomerie on ConservativeHome has noted probably the stupidest thing ever said by "Kevin Maguire & friends" on his Mirror blog where the following was written,
"its worth noting that the podium he used was decorated with a Union Jack and clouds logo that looked like something from the far-right BNP's website."
Putting aside the idiotic suggestion that using the Union flag - not Jack - makes you look like the BNP, does "Maguire & friends" not remember only last year when Labour had a website banner that looked like this?

"Maguire & friends" attempt to juxtapose the use of the Union Flag by the Tories with the BNP is not only weak, it's deliberately myopic about the party the blog supports.

Update: Someone in the Conservative Home comments has also found this picture of Gordon becoming Labour leader.

You can bet "Maguire & Friends" will ignore that one too.


Anonymous said...

I saw the flag on the lectern and wondered who on the left would be first to scream BNP.

Step forward the obvious and usual candidate.

Sam Duncan said...

I have just four words for Maguire and his chums: "British jobs for British workers". What "far right" politician said that, then?

Anonymous said...

That's five words. :o/

Scallywag said...

Maguire is full of manure. Always has been, always will be. He's just another arrogant geordie being a nuisence. I doubt they'd want him back. They've got more sense...

Plato said...

I put up a St George flag back in the early naughties as I was sick and tired of my national saint being media-jacked a la BNP.

I would have gone for the Jolly Roger but told it was 'illegal' - FFS I live 6 miles inland. Who am I = a bionic Capt Jack Sparrow?

Only in the last year have I felt comfy telling callers to look for my flag as a signpost to find me.

Damning damning damning.

Conand said...

I'd like to point out to Toilets The Gobshite that the BBC branding uses exactly the same colour scheme as the Nazis.
What ya sayin' TM? Is there some kinda goddamn conspiracy goin on here!? Or are you just a complete twat?

ScotsToryB said...

Apart from one, in oor Kev's style, all the comments are negative but this one definitely stroked my naivety gland:

Christine Warren said:

'Cameron stupid to join with the East European crackpots - he should pull out of this self-centred organisation called the EU.
Having said that, your sneering jibes at Cameron are totally beyond the Pale - I've seen you swigging the free booze at Tory conferences (I do the same at Labour's). By the way, how's Alan Duncan?'.

Whatever could it mean?


http://www.cctvstar.blogspot.com said...



Wight Tory said...

Its only when you start to demonise its use when its been highjack by a scum party that it becomes soiled.

Its time the Conservatives told it like it is, that the union flag is called that for a reason, it unites the four nations to become Great Britian. The day I feel shame at being seen with it, is the day that we are living in the state formally known as Great Britian. The Tories could do worse than remind those lefty idealist who are doing their best to sell this countrys identity.

VW - voidie -yep that sums it up

Sam Duncan said...

Bloody hell, Anon, you're right. I can't count. =8-O Seriously, I have no idea what I was thinking.

BexleyTory said...

Yay... I found the picture

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