Monday, March 02, 2009

Government freebie gifts for who?

Having just trawled through Hansard I couldn't help but notice that DEFRA has been buying marketing freebies to give away for their "Don’t break the law, check the rules before you travel - personal food imports campaign". It's not massive spending I shoud add, but I am left wondering who exactly the freebies are given too.

They bought 50 special long-sleeve t-shirt with the campaign logo on for just under £350. 27,000 travel wallets (£20,790), 30,000 pens (£5,700) and 1,000 travel toothbrush sets (£360). Each of these items was apparently blazoned with "Don’t break the law, check the rules before you travel".

The thing is, from what I can tell this campaign is really only taregtted at people travelling outside the EU, and to be fair the adverts on Youtube look like Africa is their main target. So I have a question for readers, has anyone seen or does anyone own one of these pieces of branded marketing?

Also, does anyone have any other pointless branded marketing stuff by Government departments that they might like to take pictures of and email me. I would offer you a t-shirt like Guido for the best one but I'm tight. Do it for love instead.

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