Monday, March 02, 2009

Euro Press stitch up Brown over his carbon footprint

According to Terra Eco magazine, as quoted in Le Figaro and read and posted in English by Croydonian, Gordon Brown, the man that set up the Department of Energy and Climate Change, has the worst carbon footrpint of the European leaders. Croydonian notes,
our own dear PM heads the list at 8,400 tonnes of CO2 in 2008. Merkel follows at 7,400 tonnes, then Sarko at 7,100 and Zapatero at 6,700. Berlusconi and Putin are not listed, for some reason.
However, there is hope for Brown as Croydonian goes on to note, because it looks like he's been done up like a kipper by dodgy statistics. The irony of such a thing has certainly made me chuckle. Croydonian writes,

Mildly amusing though all this, the figures have scarcely more credibility than if they had been pulled out of thin air, as Downing Street refused to tell the mag the types of aircraft Brown used. Knowing that he uses 747s, 777s and 757s, they averaged the emissions of the three. How about that for data integrity.
C'est la vie! That's what happens if you refuse to answer bland questions. No doubt Downing Street would argue that it offsets all Brown's travel by planting trees anyway.


Darwen Reporter said...

Maybe Gordie should get a Microlight for his overseas trips to reduce his carbon footprints.

He'd look quite the part in Aviator helmet and goggles! Simply spiffin!

Mitch said...

Its the crap that comes out of his mouth we need to stop.

wight tory said...

It's his Bullshit footprints (or is that finger prints?) that bother me...

Alex said...

Looks very dodgy. Merkel and 2 of Brown's planes will fly most of the way round the world, but Sarkozy's A319 is a puddle jumper that woudl struggle to get across the Atlantic, with less range that the B757 which has the shortest range of all 3 of Brown's planes, yet Sarkozy has travelled twice as far as Brown and Merkel.

Anonymous said...

Your last paragraph sums it all up.

The likes of Brown and Gore and all the other wealthy yobs who wish to use climate change to enslave us all and control us from the cradle to the grave can avoid all the awkward issues by simply spending their wealth or our (the taxpayers) money in 'offsetting'.

This global warming stuff is easy.