Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Caroline Flint wins "Misleading Answer of the Day" award

In response to a question from Mark Francois about what "EU job centres are based in non-EU states", what their cost is, and what plans to open others are Caroline Flint has given quite possibly the most misleading answer ever stating,
There are no EU job centres in non-EU states, and there are no plans to open any such offices.
Misleading because she's playing pure semantics as this BBC report from October 2008 shows, as does a quick Google search.

According to the EU, these are not "job centres" you see but are actually "Migration Information and Management Centre[s]". Their role however includes "to develop the human, financial and technical capital of Malians living abroad". That would be an EUphemism for "help them get jobs in the EU".

Now don't get me wrong, I love economic migration. Cheap labour is good. However, trying to hide behind smoke and mirror spin as the EU is doing; or playing deliberately misleading semantics as Carlone Flint is doing is stupidly transparent.

Mind you, I can understand why Caroline Flint would do it. Afetr all, admitting that the British Government is supporting the EU in opening job centres outside of the EU for a migrant workforce would simply bring the "British jobs for Brtiish workers" gaff back to the forefront yet again.

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Prodicus said...

Oh, yes. Wouldn't it just.