Monday, January 19, 2009

Quick comment on Ken Clarke

I see there is an awful lot of fuss about the return of Ken Clarke to the Shadow Cabinet this morning. No doubt there will be plenty of frothing by commenters on Conservative Home about it. Personally speaking it seems to me to be a perfectly sensible thing to do.

At a time when the Tories main line of attack economically on Brown is about his failures that helped make the credit crunch worse then why not have the man that kickstarted Brown's boom on the frontbench?After all. we often hear talk of the golden legacy that was left to Brown in 1997, perhaps it's time to have comment from one of those responsible in a position a bit more important than 'fat cigar smoking chap on the end'?

Of course, the danger will be if Clarke goes off-piste on Europe, something the Labour Party would love him to do. I fully expect to see Peter Mandelson to challenge Clarke to agree with something EU related in the hope for a split.

P.S. I see the bank bail-out last year was a roaring success.


T England said...

I hear Obama is going to stop walking on water long enough to save America & maybe the world by borrowing trillions of dollars & paying people to work with it, how brilliant is he? Who else could have thought of such a thing!
Oh how I wished we had a leader as wise & as clever as that!

Don't you just love socalist's, ROFL.

Letters From A Tory said...

Cameron and Osborne met Clarke for lunch yesterday according to the papers, and I have no doubt that they laid down the law to him about what his remit is as Shadow Business Secretary.

Alan Duncan was a waste of space but I'm not sure bringing Clarke back in such a high profile role is an enormous gamble.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a smart move bringing Ken Clarke back. It's also good to see that DC is confident enough to surround himself with people who aren't sycophants.

Deadbeat Dad said...

Worth a punt, perhaps, but does he have the appetite for it?

The game has moved on, and Wavey Davey isn't even in the ballpark, imo.

Fugitive Ink said...

Err, isn't the other possibility that Cameron's actually wildly unconfident about the quality of his front bench, and at the same time scared silly at the idea of promoting potential rivals?

Anonymous said...

well what bothers me most about it is what he says here-