Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fisking Dolly

Bless, Derek Draper decided to reply to my post from yesterday and I thought his amusing rantings deserved a fisking. It is Sunday morning after all, so here goes.
Boy, the British blogosphere! What an introduction I have had. Never have I experienced such a self-important, self-regarding, self-obsessed group in my life.
Hang on a second, are you the same Derek Draper who told an undercover reporter that "there are 17 people who count. And to say I am intimate with every one of them is the understatement of the century."?

No wonder the British Blogosphere is such a tiny, tiny, tiny ghetto. Don't any of you realise that I don't care what you think? Why would I? Why should I?
Who said the British blogosphere wasn't tiny? What's more, if you don't care Derek why are you wasting your Saturday evening writing 400 word rants on sites of such insignificance? Normal ordinary people go out on a Saturday night or just get rat arsed at home..... uh oh now there's a point..... you're weren't drunk typing were you Derek?

LabourList is designed (wait for it) for real people.
What, as opposed to holograms? Derek, "real people" don't give a flying fuck about politics. "Real people" have "real jobs" and "real lives" that involve getting up at 5am, cramming themselves on to a train, working all day, sometimes under the threat of redundancy.

You're about as real as an Action Man complete with little blue plastic pants, eagle eyes, and a cord that can be pulled from your neck so that you repeat the line over and over again. You're part of the political class who has total disdain for us proles unless we agree with you.

We are aiming at hundreds of thousands of Labour-minded people who want to partake of politics online, almost all of them for the first time.
Well that's lovely for you Derek, who suggested you weren't trying to do that then?

You all think I am trying to join your little band but I am not - who would want to? Why? You totally conflate the idea of being part of a sub group with using a particular medium, in a particular way, to leap over that group to the wider world.
Oh dear oh dear. Who ever said anything about thinking you wanted to join a little band Derek? No one is conflating anything, all that has happened is that you have been laughed and pointed at on a number of insignifcant websites which you don't care about so much that you just had to reply to them.

We have been going ONE week, our traffic far exceeds our expectations. We are only a beta site, our marketing, advertising and PR has barely rolled out, much of what we are doing - content, moderation etc. is experimental so that we have ironed out all sorts of issues before we launch on the 12th February to an entire country of potential readers.
Oh right, so your blocking the entire country of potential readers of your site until Februrary 12th? I didn't realise. That's awfully clever of you. Oh no wait, this is the Internet, you've already launched but, being all techie, you've slapped the word "beta" on because "hey that's what they like do in technology right?". Get a grip.

People who aren't "bloggers", don't know what "wordpress" is, do not know and will never, ever know who Tom [sic] Ireland or Dizzy or any of you are. I am aiming for the mass market where, to all intents and purposes you all don't exist.
Mummy, the nasty man said I don't exist! I think I'm going to cwy! Jesus wept, is this the same person who at the beginning of his petulent little rant accused the British blogosphere of being self-important? Derek you're living in a fantasy world if you think you're going to engage with anyone who isn't already engaged in some way with Labour politics.

And please, sweetie, don't fool yourself into thinking that there is a mass market of people as yet untapped out there in the "real world" that gives a toss about you, me or any of this web politics bollocks. Telling me that I don't exist is like preaching to the converted, the Internet and politics is a niche market not a mass market.

Some of us little self-important types have of course been lucky, some of us have written commentary for the national press, appeared on Sky or the BBC doing the same, but the truth is ordinary "real" people couldn't care less, they're more interested in Simon Cowell - and quite right too, he's honest after all.

While you are all poring over what I am doing because it is 100 times more interesting than any of your own ultra-minority antics, I will be building an online community of Labour-minded people - thousands of them.
Oh this is priceless. You make accusations of self-importance and then start tubthumping about how simply smashingly superduper and interesting your website is? Are you self-medicating on Valium or something?

Oh yes, and please stop throwing around figures like "thousands". They don't impress me, they don't make you big and special. No one is their traffic count. It's like the sad little online forum member who has the highest post count and thus thinks they are special because of it. It's largely meaningless.

Does the 25,000+ monthly readership of this site make me special? No. Do the 250,000+ absolute unique visitors in the last 12 months put me in an elevated position of authority? No. I'm just a bloke with a website that can happily walk along the street without being recognised because I'm still nobody. That's called being a "real" person Derek. It's great, you should try it some time.

When that has been achieved - and we have hit every stage and target we have set ourselves thus far - you are all going to look very silly. But no-one apart from us will ever know.
Well for a start Derek I didn't say you wouldn't achieve what you set out to do. However, this is essentially an IT Project and you are from the Labour Party, so let's not get carried away now. As David Miliband once told the BBC, you don't exactly have a "fame for competence with IT projects".

So, please, do keep blogging about me and Labourlist. The saddest, no, I mean, really, really sad thing is, - and this is the fundamental lesson I have learnt in these short seven days - you really seem to have got nothing better to do. I'm sorry guys, but its pathetic.
Yes Derek, I have so little better to do that, unlike you, I wasn't wetting my panties like a girl on a Saturday night and ranting on a site which I allegedly hold to have no significance, nor one that I cared about, or should care about in anyway.

Remind me again Derek, what's pathetic? The fact that I went out and spent the evening with 200+ real people at a party, or you, getting ever so upset and angry because someone pointed their finger at you and laughed.

For someone in politics you're not very thick skinned are you. Is that because your only experience has revolved around general aggression and getting your own way when you were officially spinning?

Now you'll have to excuse me, as a blogger I am clearly sitting at my computer with my underwear around my ankles and I must go and find some porn to watch, the pressure of all this is just getting too much for me and I need some sort of release.


Anonymous said...

Nice one Dizzy.
If Draper would comment on politics that matter e.g hypocritical Ministers-especially Harriet Harman-who expound on social mobility and class divide yet stand up in HoC and announce legislation to make MP`s expenses totally untransparent to those who pay them !
if this was the case his blog might be worth reading. As it is -it would seem to be -rather like his general appearance-trying to look trendy but in reality somewhat the worse for wear!Just like his writing


Silent Hunter said...

Are they really called LabourList?

I thought they were called LabourLost.

Alan Douglas said...

Even tho opposed, I have visited his "revealed word" site several times.

It is totally unreadable. Tractor production stats made flesh.

Well done Dizzy, your very insignificance has persuaded me never to go there again.

Alan Douglas

wv : squaph. That just about sums it up !

Witterings From Witney said...

"Never have I experienced such a self-important, self-regarding, self-obsessed group in my life."

Welcome to the Labour Party, Draper!

crackers md said...

Vintage Dizzy.

The reality of Draper is that his dna is part Mandelson - mendacious, self serving and unscrupulous all used to stay in power and so to enjoy the benefits that follow. Its just a profession.

Labourlist will cease publishing shortly after the next election.

Derek will return to his 'profession' as an off the shelf pyschotherapist. In this I wish him well.

Anonymous said...

"I will be building an online community of Labour-minded people - thousands of them."

So what, so does the BNP site, in fact it's the highest ranking political site for popularity as seen here:

Seeing as you seemed to be on a 'my-numbers-are-more-than-yours' rant, that means by your logic the BNP site is much better and more important than you are.

Bet you won't be rushing to agree though.

Events dear boy, events said...

Oh the oxygen of publicity. I wonder if this was the reason for Draper to send you his rant? Your reply will just provoke another spat.

The LabourList is in the main totally unreadable. However, it was about time Labour did something on the blogshere. If this is Draper's attitude his blog will not last that long. Mandy will give it the kiss of death with any luck.

Croydonian said...

Amusing though Draper's discomfiture undoubtedly is, I am presuming DD regards Kos as his benchmark for success, and a bit of sniffing around on its FAQ page disclosed this:

"Daily Kos is owned by kos. The servers are his. He pays the bandwidth charges. He makes the rules; we are here as his guests. If he decides tomorrow that anyone not posting in iambic pentameter will be banned, your options are either to brush up on your poetry skills or find/start another forum".

I do doubt whether any site receiving thousands of comments per day could hope to thrive without constant, and possibly ferocious, modding.

MrAngryman said...

Brilliant Dizzy! Drooper is typical of his type. I am right because i am important, you are wrong because you are unimportant. It is this arrogance, this complete disregard and even hatred for the 'man in the street' that sums up NuLiebour. Im not right wing, i dont particularly like the tories, im just fed up with the arrogance displayed by this government.

P.s Drooper if you ever read this get some sort of life, and for gods sake have a bloody wash, you always look greasy and unwashed

Danny Buck said...

Mr Md! What a scary thought! Another 18 months of Drapers madness... As the Word referification says Loasy...

Anonymous said...

Ad he'd rather rant on a Saturday night than make love to his lovely wife......sad or what?

The Penguin said...

Do you suppose he was all alone because the fragrant Kate was out with Anton?

The Penguin

TractorStats said...

Ravings of a demented person whose medication leaves him looking into a mirror without knowing its not another person, his other self is busy exposing all his own faults to the world at large who laugh back at him with great gusto as he thrives on the insults refusing to except his mental illness has him cornered as no one takes pity because when he was sane he was even worse and that makes him more stable in his sick state of mind. Drooper need some time in a secure unit, strange that, it must be an infectious virus running through the LabourLusters. I'll give it a name, Laids.

Conand said...

I've never known anyone from the SuperDuper Hyperreal Political world to start blogging and make such an arse of themselves in such a short space of time.
I'm fascinated that you've picked on Dizzy. He's as real as political bloggers get. He blogs about his work (which isn't anything political) and various random stuff and posts old pop videos etc.
While he's sympathetic to the conservative cause he's happy to say whatever the **** he likes. As a political activist (I'm still Real though! I'm Spartacus!) I find that quite refreshing.
When I'm reinforcing a party line I sometimes feel ill at the thought that I could be akin to some sort of appalling project toadie like Derek Draper.

Unsworth said...

I just wish that Draper wasn't so completely anal - and had something interesting or even vaguely entertaining to say. So far it's all "me me me" stuff - and all the worse for that. As I've said elsewhere, it's quality and content that really matter. So far he's exhibited neither. Perhaps he just doesn't understand.

The Heresiarch said...

This is pure class. I wonder if Dolly has yet twigged that his stats so far have been so high because people are going there to laugh at him?

As a therapist he has remarkably little self-knowledge, doesn't he?

lilith said...

The real reason Dolly has started blogging for the Labour Party is that he can't cut it as a therapist. Can you imagine sitting opposite that for 50 minutes opening your heart up? He claims he's good with 8 year olds FFS! He clearly can't look after his own teeth, let alone an 8 year old's psyche.

Flavious said...

Class Dizzy,

TYVM, brought a real belly laugh to clear the hangover cobwebs this morning :)

Neil Evans said...

I think this is what's called "putting someone in their place" – spot on Dizzy, the amount of bollocks that have been spouted about the 'blogosphere' over the last few weeks while nuLabourLust has been launching is stunning - proof positive that they really don't get it, confirmed entirely by you having to respond to a 400 word rant from it's own.

Ed said...

Insightful, hilarious, brilliant, profound and generally a great fisking piece Dizzy. Well done for that, a marvellous read, best one so far today.

However aren't you being a bit unfair by conjuring up the image of Dolly wearing "little blue plastic pants". :-)

It's going to take a great deal of effort to rid myself of that image. :-(

Lambeg Drum said...

Brilliant Dizzy!

What a nob jockey!

He actually gets off lightly.

His insiderish relationship with GMTV is something else that riles me about this cretin.

Don't tell me his wife doesn't feed him all information on when Tories are due to appear on the programme. Don't tell me he doesn't suggest "useful" questions to her to ask Tories. And don't tell me he doesn't use his influence to get Gordo and co on to GMTV when it suits the Labour Party.

Kate Garraway's position on GMTV is compromised. She should either leave the show or divorce the beardy weirdo.

JGS said...

The trouble is that what's on LabourList is second-rate crap. No more complicated than that.

ITIL Man said...

Dizzy much as I delighted in your appropriate response to such gutter scum, I hope this doesn't turn into some tiresome lengthy vendetta across blog sites.

The truth is Labour 'Klingons' (remember the old Star Trek/ toilet joke') are just not worth it.

Draper is a sad uncouth wanabee hanger on and the best response to his rants is 'whatever.....'.

He is a pointless, useless piece of detritus and as such does not deserve any attention.

And that is my last word on the subject!

mechano said...

Kate does have great tits though.

Gannet said...

As one of the few people around who was present when Attlee, as Prime Minister, gave a major public speech, indeed I am one of a tiny group. It does not mean, however, that my thoughts are worth any less than some member of the London Mediocracy. And if I want to type when informally clad, so be it.

trevorsden said...

Draper is clearly in need of psychoanalysis.

Prodicus said...

One of his email domains is ''. Seriously. This what you get when you go to :

"The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later."

Nah. Don't think so.

Houdini said...

Derek Draper:

New Labour metrosexual crony version of Terry Kelly.

Good job Dizzy.

talwin said...

As a bugger-all-better-to-do occasional visitor to lots of blogs it it abundantly clear to me that Draper just does not realise that the negative comment and piss-taking in respect of his own little effort is not some knee-jerk, anti-Draper or anti-Labour repsponse: rather it is that his blog is genuinely, honestly, inescapably, unmitigated shite in every respect, viz. appearance, content, usability.

If he can set his paranoia to one side for a moment - oh, sorry; no, I forgot, he doesn't care what anybody thinks - he nonetheless might want to reflect that in general terms no-one (in particular the right-wing bloggers and sympathisers) goes about picking on Labourhome in the same manner.

Draper also needs to understand that it is always he who will be the story (probably for all the wrong reasons) and this will always get in the way of the effectiveness and credibility of his site.

Toenail's Clippings said...

Dizzy, excellent!
This appeared recently on order-order. Bears repeating, perhaps;

"an ex-apprentice said...


Do not comment, or even visit DraperList.

The temptation to spar, to expose and to piss-take was initially irresistible.
But now DraperList is exposed for what it is; a mere mouthpiece of ZaNuLabour, a ranting out-and-out rabid attack dog; founded on spin, utterly depraved in the depths of its foul, black-hearted deceit, a contemptible piece of shit-stained, egotistical arrogance by the ShitMeister himself; an insult even to a Blogosphere distinguished by such filth as PaeodophilesRus.
By adding to the comment you belittle only yourselves, because you associate with the company of c***s.
By visiting, you add to Draper’s numbers; you give credence to this fuckwit’s fantasy that he actually matters, that he is in some way important, or even influential. His are the deranged dribblings of a diseased mind, unworthy of your attention, even of your contempt, let alone your patronage.
Abandon Draper to mutter incoherently and inconsequentially to himself, in his self-created monument to everything honest, decent citizens hate and detest about Labour and all they stand for.
Let Draper suffer the exquisite embarrassment of irrelevance, and let DraperList wither, slowly but inevitably, on the vine.

January 15, 2009 5:55 PM"

canvas said...

Derek Draper just doesn't get it. Simple as that. Draper sounds just like Sarah Palin when he talks about 'blogs and bloggers'. I'm really surprised by how clueless he is about the internet and blogs.

'real people'? 'Labour minded people'? I swear Derek Draper is Sarah Palin in disguise. Think about it. clueless.

I can't understand why Derek Draper wants to create a blog that aims to exclude, alienate, divide and marginalise people?

A lesson on how to get it right > see Barack Obama. A lesson on how to get wrong > see Derek Draper and Labourlist.

A blog that initially got it right and then managed to get it sooo wrong > Webcameron.

Derek Draper - get rid of that chip on shoulder and stop being so negative. It's depressing.

mmc said...

Excellent. That is as good a bitch slapping as Littlewilly gave Toynbee on Question Time.
I have to agree with mechano@ 13:31 though, Kate has fantastic tits.

Lord Snooty said...

He's really getting under your skin, isn't he! Get over yourself, Dizzy. You sound truly pathetic in this post.

dizzy said...

hahahahaha yes I have been stewing and concerning myself with Derek all day :rolleyes:

Praguetory said...

I don't comment at Derek's site because of the intrusive registration process, but I want it to be a success. Derek becoming the online face of Labour is a welcome development for the party I support.

Anonymous said...

What is the definition of "Labour-minded" people?
Is it all of us, as in child-minder, ie NuLab is the naughty tots'nanny?
Or is it being used in the Scottish sense ("I mind the day well..."), as in people who remember (real) Labour?
Or maybe it's just all those people who mind about what a mess NuLab are making??

Plato said...

Lord Snooty - aha another covert Labour troll in disguise.

Honestly. School play standard psy-ops.

Mr Draper's efforts and Saturday night postings say more about him that any commentator will ever have.

Excellent post Dizzy - hope Mr Draper rapidly rebutts!

wv: accus

Oldrightie said...

Hi, Dizzy, excellent. A good number of bloggers that do it from the right perspective will defeat these "professionals" every time.
No one posts on my blog but I still enjoy giving vent to my feelings about the state of the Nation and it saves the poor missus getting an ear bending! Bit like Dolly, I suppose!

p.s Snooty is one of Dollie's. Refugees from Staines blog.

polaris said...

Priceless Dizzy - what a pretentious little twunk Draper is. But I guess all of us bloggers will have to hang up our keyboards in the face of LabourPissed ?

kris said...

His wife is well fit tho, huge talent(s) (two of them at least!)

Carlos said...

Dizzy, simply superb, my old prawn and pickle sandwich, simply superb Thank you for providing some top laughs of a Sunday evening!

prisonguru said...

ah, crap. I just found myself agreeing with dizzy. Must go top myself...

Martin said...

Lord Snooty is Draper and I claim my £5.

BrianSJ said...

Nice parallel with Palin.
Derek "I can see google from my house" Draper.

John Pickworth said...

Draper, his 'blog' and what his masters have to say are irrelevant.

The most successful blogs are organic, they started as small acorns and thrive because they satisfy the need of their readers (not the creator's ego). Draper/Labour have made the mistake of believing they can transplant a 300 year old Oak into the middle of the blogger's forest and people will marvel at its size and strength. However, after barely a week, its boughs hang limp, its leaves are yellowing and falling to the forest floor. No matter how much water Draper and Co apply, the project is dying before our eyes.

If he's lucky, someone may actually still be around to hear the tree fall

Some how, I doubt it though ;-)

Raggy said...

Oh Lordy, he's a tad emotional isn't he? Sadie's got bigger bollox than him.

Dan said...

Draper is such a loser! Thank god there's another one we can laugh at.

Thats News said...

Oh, dear. Dizzy, Mr Draper seems to have problems. Perhaps he should visit a therapist?

Peter Grimes said...

"John Pickworth said

However, after barely a week, its boughs hang limp, its leaves are yellowing and falling to the forest floor. ""

"hang limp" - could be writing about Dolly personally rather than Love'sLabourLost, couldn't he?

wv - 'dandreve' - is that what's wrong with Dolly's mullett?

Anonymous said...

Draper is just a sad, insignificant little twat, don't waste your time on him Dizzy.

Lord Snooty said...

1. I have never seen a post on this blog get as many comments. This suggests that there is a fair degree of obsession about Draper in this part of the blogosphere.

2. I am accused here by several commenters of either being Draper or one of his ‘trolls’. This has been happening to me (and anyone else vaguely non-Tory) for months. In fact, calling someone ‘Dolly’ or one of ‘Dolly’s trolls’ has become a staple of comments on Dale, Guido and here. Again, indicative of a level of Draper obsession, given that no-one has any idea at all whether any of these comments are linked to him or not (for the avoidance of doubt, I have no connections with him and post under a number of different names).

3. Much of what Dizzy, Dale and Guido have said about Draper is along the lines of ‘well, his site’s going to fail if he thinks successful blogging works like that’. His response is that he’s not interested in what a handful of 'self-appointed blogging experts' think. That may be foolish but it’s surely his prerogative. Why not just sit back and watch it fall apart if you’re so confident you’re right?

4. The fact is that so far his initiative is creating waves. Lots of people are talking about it, visiting it and commenting. Is that what this is all really about? Anxiety about competition.

I think your post betrays a real lack of a sense of proportion, as do the semi-hysterical comments. What is the big deal? Labour guy launches blog, some people like it, some don’t. End of story.

Anonymous said...

So I can just leave a message here? You won't call my comments trash and treat me in an arrogant and patronising way? I can say what I like without censorship? Wow, I like this place already.

dizzy said...

You can say what you like without censorship unless its libelus or links to kiddie porn or warez. I do not guarantee that I won't call the comments bollocks, or treat you in an arrogant patronising way though :)

Peter Grimes said...

"Lord Snooty

In fact, calling someone ‘Dolly’ or one of ‘Dolly’s trolls’ has become a staple of comments on Dale, Guido and here. Again, indicative of a level of Draper obsession, given that no-one has any idea at all whether any of these comments are linked to him or not (for the avoidance of doubt, I have no connections with him and post under a number of different names).""

So you are a self-confessed troll then!

John Pickworth said...

Lord Sooty said...

"4. The fact is that so far his initiative is creating waves. Lots of people are talking about it..."

As indeed did the Asian Tsunami

To be honest, if... if, the Draper Organ was so successful, why is his
Dreariness spending so much of his time defending it?

Peter Grimes said...

"John Pickworth said... 19-Jan-2009 14:00:00
To be honest, if... if, the Draper Organ was so successful, why is his Dreariness spending so much of his time defending it?

If the Draper Organ was so successful, why is the gorgeous Garraway being seen (to?) by so many other suitors?

MrPeregrination said...

I don't follow the UK political blogs all that thoroughly so I don't really know who this Draper twit is but he really does remind me of that "pajamas media" bunch in the US who started up their right wing blog with all sorts of fanfare and then just got laughed out of existence. I give LaborList a year (tops).

an ex-apprentice said...

Dear Mr Snooty, 12:28pm

"I think your post betrays a real lack of a sense of proportion, as do the semi-hysterical comments. What is the big deal? Labour guy launches blog, some people like it, some don’t. End of story."

If I was semi-hysterical it could only be from mirth, rather than any lack of proportion.

But I'm not, because DraperList is in no way amusing. I have referred to it as contemptible and I'll tell you why that is not just a gratuitous insult, but the truth.

What Draper and his ilk have failed to grasp is that the lies and deceit upon which they founded ZaNuLabour, and which have proven adequate for the past 11 years, are no longer enough. Even those dim-witted enough to be labour through-and-through, tribal labour, are waking up to the fact that they have been treated like idiots.

The old spin doctor gizmo's, the usual propaganda tactics, the taken-as-read reliance on the sheer gullibility of a sufficient portion of the electorate, these will no longer suffice.

In short, people are sick to death of being lied to, and what makes it even worse is the self-evident fact that most of the people telling the lies have the IQ of the average fence post.

It is the dishonesty, the sheer depths of the deceit that appalls; coupled with the arrogant presumption that we are all too stupid to either know or care.
Draper is much too far up his own rear end to appreciate the change in the way the wind is blowing; so he continues, like a child clinging to a comfort blanket, with what he knows; he relies on the usual diet of duplicity, pretense, chicanery and dissimulation.

This is the essential foundation upon which DraperList is based. Draper is too far gone to know the difference; the question is, are you?

Andrew Zalotocky said...

It sounds to me as though Draper is trying to apply the hardball media management tactics that Labour uses on the MSM to the blogosphere. Journalists can be brow-beaten into repeating the official spin with the threat of denying them the interviews, briefings and leaks that provide so many of their stories. But most bloggers are not political insiders and have no desire to be so that won't work on them.

Also, the hacks and flacks that Draper is used to dealing with will take whatever abuse he cares to dish out if that's the price of access. But ordinary citizens will see no reason why they should put up with that kind of rudeness. It must be quite a culture shock for Draper to have to suddenly deal with people who don't fear him and don't need anything from him, but his reaction will only ensure that they won't like or respect him either.

I suspect that we'll see a significant change in attitude in a week or two as Draper realises that his current approach isn't working. Perhaps he will begin to recognise the huge disconnect between the Westminster bubble and the world outside. But as long as Draper insists on picking needless and petty fights with established bloggers he will effectively be running a viral marketing campaign against his own web site.

Anonymous said...

Just to say that - beta or not - Labourlist has unmoderated comments up. Go play!

Chas said...

Draper is clearly an ocean-going wanker.

Martin said...

"real people" don't give a flying fuck about politics

Gotcha! Always thought you were a fake, now you are blogging about it!

SeniorLibraryAssistant said...

Maybe Dolly and his Kommandants can explain why this blog was blocked by the public PCs in Leeds libraries today?

Shurely shum mishtake???

Lord Snooty said...

Actually, ex-apprentice, it's 'Lord' not 'Mr'. Your ramblings reinforce my point.

As for being a 'self-confessed troll', my point was simply that my comments are my own, not anyone else's and certainly not Draper's. I am not at all clear what the term 'troll' means any more but if I am one so be it. It seems to mean anyone who posts here who isn't a Tory.

Thatsnews said...

Not wanting to cause trouble, but exactly how sure are we that Mr Draper's qualifications are

a) His?
b) Legit?

Idle Pen Pusher said...

Amusing fisking!

dizzy said...

Gotcha! Always thought you were a fake, now you are blogging about it!

A fake what?

Whothefeckami said...

How do I find out if I am a real person or not? Is there some kind of ID card I could apply for?

At least if I could prove I was real, I could go and comment on Draper's site.

That would be a good think wouldn't it? As long as I agreed with him, obviously.

MR said...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Idle Pen Pusher said...

This thread has 70 comments and not a single comparison to Hitler or the Nazis.

Whothefeckami “How do I find out if I am a real person or not? Is there some kind of ID card I could apply for?

At least if I could prove I was real, I could go and comment on Draper's site.”

Didn’t the Nazis dismiss the Jews because they weren’t “real people”? Is Dolly a Nazi?

an ex-apprentice said...

Dear Mr Snooty, 00:23am
"Actually, ex-apprentice, it's 'Lord' not 'Mr'."

I never use first names, sweetheart. Not on a first date. So American: so un-English, don't you know!
But your inability to distinguish fantasy from reality, "Lord" indeed, reveals why you affiliate yourself with Draper.
You also answer my question: no you can't tell the difference, and yes, your head is in the same position as his.
Go back to Guido's, your kennel awaits you.

Andy C said...

Actually, ex-apprentice, it's 'Lord' not 'Mr'.

My God It is Draper.

Lord Snooty said...

"you affiliate yourself with Draper"

"My God It is Draper"

There you go again. You are all obsessed with him. What a bunch of twats.

Anonymous said...

'Derek becoming the online face of Labour is a welcome development..' Yes, for the Tory Party.
What a lot of cobblers Dolly does go on about. Sad little man. Typical Labour self important twaddle. Unfortunately for him, we proles aren't prepared to take him at his (own) face value so I can see LabourLost scheduled to sink without trace, once the blogging community loses interest in baiting him. What makes him think we want to read yet another version of NuLabour lies & spin in addition to what we pay for on BBC & in the majority of the newspapers?

Anonymous said...

Nobody in the real world believes a word that comes from the mouths of Labour.
They are finished for good at the next election, it's like waiting for the last guests to leave the party so I can go to bed glancing at my watch nodding politely. Labour you have ruined this country for generations to come and I don't expect the likes of Dolly Draper to understand or care.
They really are a waste of bandwidth.

Lord Snooty said...

"you have ruined this country for generations to come"

Sorry, you're confusing them with the lot that went before. You know the ones who ran down the entire public sector infrastructure, carried out the disastrous rail privatization etc.

Much as you may want to deny it, Labour spent much of the last 10 years 'fixing the roof', to coin a phrase - literally, repairing and building schools and hospitals.

I don't expect the likes of you to understand or care because you're a right-wing twat.

Martin said...

Where is this real world then. except in your head, tosspot.