Friday, January 30, 2009

Department of Health admits consultations are pointless

At least they're being honest right?

Translation: We were going to have a consultation but decided against it because we were never going to actually do what anyone asked anyway. We'd already made our decision so what woudl be the point? We're so confident of our own greatness that we're even going to admit that our consultations are pointless as well.

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Conand said...

I always suspected that this was the nature of Brown's 'Big Conversation'

Labour Government: Tell us anything you like.

Voter: I do have something I really would like to say..

Labour Government: Excuse us, but is this going to be in any way a criticism?

Voter: Well yeah but..

Labour Government: In that case we can't really hear it. We're the Government of the Proletariat therefore we can't ever be wrong. Does anyone have anything else to say?

Labour Government: No?

Labour Government: OK that's the end of the Big Conversation. Thanks for taking part.