Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yahoo! Argentina bans Maradona searches

How bizarre is this? Yahoo! Argentina has, in response to court order, stopped providing results for people who search for Diego Maradona.

OK, so Maradona was a cheat, but he is one of the most famous men in Argentina thanks to football and cocaine, plus he's the national team's new coach! Google have also started filtering results after receiving letters from lawyers.


kinglear said...

Dizzy - check out China - Google says all Chinese traffic is effectively being blocked - PPC earnings globally are down 70%

Edward said...

The only explanation to all these extraordinary activities is that 'the hand of God' is in action again.

Yahoo and Google should not beat themselves up over these legal actions, it really is divine intervention.

Seriously though, one must wonder what all these Argentinian VIPs have got to hide or be paranoid about.

John Pickworth said...

Diego Maradona? Never heard of her... did a search but nothing came up. Are you sure this mythical person exists? ;-)

Anyone know if we can have "Gordon Brown + Genius" banned from future searches?

T England said...

Censorship cannot eliminate evil, only kill freedom!