Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What is Brown flogging in the Downing Street Gift Shop?

Did you know that Downing Street has a gift shop? No, neither did I but it does. Back in October, when Gordon Brown was asked what the most popular item sold in it in the last twelve months was and what the profit was, all he woul say was,
A small selection of unsubsidised gifts are available for staff to purchase on a not-for-profit basis.
An answer to the second part of the question but not to the first that's for sure. Francis Maude followed up yesterday and asked Brown if "he will place in the Library a copy of the merchandise and price list of the gift shop."

The answer from Brown? "I have nothing further to add to the answer I gave the hon. Member for Shipley (Philip Davies) on 13 October 2008." Come on now, you must be wondering what he's trying to hide and why by refusing to answer surely?

I know that this will be seen as trivial questioning by some, but at the end of the day if we want to know what crap he is flogging to staff he really ought to tell us. Of course, it's the answer to the "why" that might be more revealing.

After all, wouldn;t it be terribly embrassing if he had to admit that none of the staff in Downing Street want to buy a Gordon Brown mug? Just imagine if that was the case? Just imagine if he'd secretly heard people saying "I wanted a Tony mug, but I'm not paying for one with him on it. Does he think we're mugs?"


Lorenzo said...

I see an opening for Gordon Door Mats

William said...

I wonder how much a knighthood costs?

Arkangel said...

He's probably selling Rocking horses and Toffee Apples.

Lola said...

He cannot answer because he cannot bear to admit he hasn't a clue (pun intended)

T England said...

This says ALL I need to know about unelected Brown!
The man can't even give a straight answer when it comes to something as trivial as a few sales in the shop!

I think your right Dizzy!
Unelected Brown is so unpopular that even his own staff dont wont to buy a mug at cost price, this says so much as well.

Mind you imagine opening up your cupboard & seeing Browns ugly mug looking at you, scary!

Anonymous said...

I think the question is more - who is running the gift shop? The Civil Service?

Barnacle Bill said...

Probably too embarrassed to admit the Gordon Brown loo paper is the top selling item.
Each sheet embossed with "No more boom or bust".

WV - paton = something I would like to do with our glorious unelected Leader with large pieces of wood!

John Pickworth said...

"...who is running the gift shop? The Civil Service?"

Lets see. There's the shopkeep, the Health & Safety guy, Compliance Officers, EU accounts team, UN Gift Inspector... oh hell to it, there's about 3175 people in this vital Government dept.

Everything is priced in Euro's too

Gavin Whenman said...

One FOI request filed: http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/downing_street_gift_shop