Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not a website for Tory boys?

From yesterday's City Diary in the Times.

Not a website for Tory boys

Oh dear. What with it being Monday morning, and the rain, I think that one wonk at the CBI had a rotten time yesterday. Relations between the employers' organisation and the Tories have not been brilliant - David Cameron stood them up at their conference a couple of years ago, and new Labour has been good at co-opting top executives - so I doubt that the Conservatives would be pleased to learn that Adrian McMenamin, who heads the CBI's group on public services and skills, runs the website hatemytory, on which you can express, on a range of one to ten, just how much you despise any Tory politician.

“The CBI was not aware of these website activities until today,” a spokeswoman says, somewhat purse-lipped, when I inform her. “Mr McMenamin has acted in a personal capacity, which has had no connection to his activities at the CBI. We now understand that Mr McMenamin has removed these sites from the web.” As, indeed, he has.

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Thatsnews said...

I asked the following question:-

Could Mr. McMenamin care to explain why he, a supporter or an employee or whatever, of the Labour Party, is setting up websites in the name of another political party?

Especially when this kind of, what might be described as bogus or fraudulent registration, is very much frowned upon by the Internet authorities?

The fact that he has now removed the website in question is some sort of an answer...