Monday, November 17, 2008

Labour MP abuses Parliamentary resources for political purposes?

Great little post over at Machiavelli. Seems the Labour MP for Hove, Celia Barlow, has been caught using Parliamentary resources for party political activities. Her office printed out a leaflet littered with pro-Labour and anti-Tory lines such,
"All the strong measures that the Labour Government has put into place..."

"We won't see families thrown out of their homes as we did in Tory years..."
This has all come to light, according to one source, because they sent the print job to the wrong printer. training required? Of course there are wider questions here. Why was Celia Barlow using Parliamnmetary computyers, printers and network resources for party political literature for a start?

As it happens this is not the first time I have heard of such things occuring. I know of at least one Labour MP (a blogging "by-election mastermind" in the Government), who's office resources were used for local Labour election campaigns.

Poltiics is always more important than not wasting taxpayers money right?


Blue Eyes said...

It's not just that it is a waste of taxpayers' money it's that it encourages incumbency - democracy needs new entrants.

Anonymous said...

Dizzy, any further news on the lying bastard you exposed last week?

dizzy said...

Only his response which I linked to.

John Pickworth said...

That's cheap!

Bloody Sunday inquiry = £400 million and I've still no idea what conclusions it came to... nor have I ever been bothered to go and look.

judith said...

This communication allowance has been abused since it was brought in (by Labour) - each time an abuse occurs, the MP is reported to the Standards Board, which might go as far as saying 'tut tut', and then it happens again.

Of course it was brought in to help the incumbent - the Labour incumbent that is.