Monday, November 17, 2008

£1 million a day to hold a public inquiry?

Should anyone a marvellous example of profilgacy in Government spending I draw your attention to the public inquiry into the Longdendale bypass also known as the A57/A628 Mottram-Tintwistle bypass.

The public inquiry opened on the 26th June 2007, according to the Government it has sat for 15 days since then and the total cost to the public purse so far is £16,000,000.

That's about a million pounds each month for one day each month.
More here at the local anti-bypass blog.


patently said...

Please, please let them decide that it would be beneficial to the local community, but is about £16M too expensive to be worthwhile.

J J said...

Money's no object, when it's not your own!

Anonymous said...

If you knew the actual facts this ByPass is not to assist a community
but to build a direct route to Europe from the UK becaquse the M62 is stitched up.
Now thats fact and the ByPass PI is being held under false pretences typical of sleazy Politicians.

Anonymous said...


"The specific costs for the public inquiry itself are not recorded separately, however since award of contract in August 2004, the scheme has incurred costs of £16,000,000. This includes design costs for the scheme, publication of draft orders, preparation and publication of the environmental statement, traffic modelling, legal costs, Highways Agency staff costs and the public inquiry costs."

Not cheap, but it's been £16m for the entire project since 2004 not for a 16 day inquiry.

dizzy said...


£16 million spent on something that is not decided yet?

Letters From A Tory said...

What were they spending the money on - bribes for local developers or silencing their critics?

Anonymous said...

Its decided all right, just that it was wrong decision and the HA rather than pulling out and accepting the aletrnatives spend more and more cash to try and save face and force it through

Anonymous said...

Hi "sigh"
Tell us what the ByPass actual build was intended to cost before the HA totally cocked up their evidence after two years of preparing their documents.
If you dont know (I do) so get your facts correct on the new total build costs including preperation costs to so called 11,000 people living in a nice widespread rural valley in the Peak District National Park.
Its an absolute myth you`ve swallowed hook line and tarmac sinker.Lets see your actual knowledge of the scheme and its new full costs