Thursday, September 04, 2008

How to use a bin?

So many types of plastic! Plastic overload! Fast forward to about 4 minutes. Bet you never knew all that huh?

Via Anorak


Unknown said...

They seem to say it is safe to remove the plastic nozzle piece from the Aerosol canisters. Most aerosols have butane or other inflammable propellants. just do that whilst smoking a ciggie!

Elf and safety will love this one.

Unknown said...

Question to Wyre: Ignoring garden waste which is easilly 'reprocessed', how much of the rubbish which they say is reprocessed is actually reprocessed? They must know as they have to employ companies to do the reprocessing. Note, that there is a difference between recycling and reprocessing.
I have a feeling that we are all being conned.