Friday, September 05, 2008

Cherie Blair attacks herself in report?

Once upon time there was a former Prime Minister's wife who said,
Cherie Blair: 'I fear for my children': Cherie Blair admitted yesterday that she fears for the safety of her children when they go out on the streets. She also claimed that government figures drastically underestimate the scale of knife crime among children in Britain. - July 2nd 2008
Then two months later said,

Cherie Booth tells politicians to stop 'hysterically' hyping crime:The "hysterical rhetoric of politicians attempting to ride the tiger of public opinion" is fuelling the fear of crime, according to a commission headed by Cherie Booth. - September 5th 2008
How I chuckled to myself when I saw this one and remebered the first!


Unsworth said...

Consistency has never been one of Cherie Booth's strongest suits, with one notable exception. That is the relentless pursuit - by whatever means - of money.

The same could be said of her spouse, whose name escapes me for the minute...

Alan Douglas said...

Cherie attacking herself ?

A dirty job, but someone has to do it !

Alan Douglas

Jonny Mac said...

But why is she thought to be qualified to head a commission? She's a (not terribly well-regarded in legal circles) barrister, ffs.

The Amazing Toad said...


There is nothing hypocritical at all about Mrs Blair's two statements. She said she feared for the safety of her children. The safety of others' children comes second to political expediency.

And she's in line with Labour cabinet and Prime Ministerial policy on this; "it is morally wrong for you to send your children to a private school"



Anonymous said...

to be fair

a) If you look you realise the quote is from the report not directly from the Cherie (the newspapers have conflated the two to create exactly this kind of confusion, surprise surprise)

b) the knife quote is her speaking as a mother, not as a politician (which, er, she isn't). now what mother doesn't fear for their children when they go out? isn't it part of the mom job?