Thursday, May 01, 2008

Live Blog III: The celebrity knock-up

Have just heard that the Tory candidate for Greenwich and Lewisham, Andy Jennings, has just been knocking on the LBC radio presenter Nick Ferrari's door and received a warm and positive welcome.

The theme for the day also appears to be that turnout is impressing everyone across London. Should anyone have any other tales of celebrities being canvassed and knocked do share.


Trixy said...

Celebrities are always getting knocked up. Don't you read heat magazine?

Blue Eyes said...

OT: I have been quite surprised by the lack of activity in my area by all parties. I had a couple of Ken leaflets, a LibDem, but nothing from the Tories at all, despite this being a very mixed area with a strong Tory organisation.

Perhaps living in a council block my vote is assumed?