Thursday, May 01, 2008

Council taxpayers fund Labour campaigning?

Over in the borough of Greenwich, we not only have to put up with Ken Livingstone's Londoner propaganda rag, but we also have to put up with the Labour controlled Rotten Borough rag called 'Greenwich Time'.

I mention this because by a happy and strange coincidence the paid deliverers from Council Tax money are out delivering the paper today, on polling day, to remind us all just how great the Labour Party is for us.

They are of course very careful with their wording but this sort of behaviour from the Labour Party around here this is par for the course. Purdah really means very little to them, and if they can find a way to skirt close to the dodgy side then their leader will do it.


Half The Story said...

Did you see how many time that fat chipmunk of a man Len Duvall got his chops in the local paper, it was 4 times last week!

Did not say his mrs is on the council, nor that he wants to kick out one of the Labour MPs to get a seat as an MP, where the fatter pigs lie.

Bill Quango MP said...

Keep your copy then Dizzy. it might be the last one you see.

Anonymous said...

I live in Greenwich and also got the Ken electioneering leaflet on the same day as Greenwich Time - did they use the same people to deliver it?

Anonymous said...

Should i ever wish to sell my Plumstead home, would it be classed as an asset that none of the following ever drop through my letter box:-
Greenwich Time
The Londoner
Election leaflets
Have not had any of these for a number of years now.
Regret still get dozens of fast food takeaways
Cant have all the luck can i