Monday, May 19, 2008

Frank Field might work for Cameron?

Frank Field has been answering the questions in this morning's Independent. He's called for Brown to bring back Blunkett, Byers, Milburn and Charles Clarke into the Cabinet, which, to me at least, seems more like a way to make Brown even more likely to be ousted. After all, three of the four had to resign if I recall correctly, one of them twice.

More interestingly, Field appears to have indicated that he might jump ship to the Tories if Cameron were to offer him a job if the Tories win the next election. In response to the question he said, 'David Cameron will not be in a position to offer me a job, but thanks for putting the idea in his head'. Whenever there is a 'but...' you will usually find the more honest answer huh?

Field also made it clear that in his view history will judge Thatcher the finest PM when compared to Blair. Can't say I disagree with that assessment.


Anonymous said...

I used to like Frank Field until he made that grovelling apology in Parliament about what he had said about Brown in public. He didn't retract anything of what he had said mind.

Submariner said...

Oh, Frank, Frank, you were doing so well, up to that weekend.
It was an error of judgement making the personal attack on Brown, much though I might agree with the message. You didn't need to say what everyone is already thinking and it enabled NuLab to marginalise you further. It also reduced your impact and stature if and when you does ever cross the house - makes it easier for NuLab to discount everything you has worked for as the dirty tricks of a secret Tory agent. As for bringing back Blunkett, is that said tongue in cheek?

Jonathan M. Scott said...

Field's apology was right, although he was obviously bullied into making it. Afer all, we don't wish people to feel sorry for Brown, do we ?

I agree that Clark, Milburn or Byers should be in the Cabinet for the next 2 years. In fact, any of these guys would be a better PM than Brown (especially Steve Byers).