Monday, April 07, 2008

Konnie will be pleased!

How amusing, a Usenet poster by the name of "billybllockchops" has video captured Konnie Huq's appearance on BBC News and posted it for all too see on He's even posted an image preview for the pervs to see how good Konnie really is.

Note: I was sent this by a shy reader. I would never dream of spending time on such a newsgroup. If the group doesn't have the word "erotica" as well as "binaries" in the title it's really not worth it!


Mad Conspiracy Theorist said...

Is it just me or could it be possible that La Huq had arranged beforehand for the torch to be semi-grabbed from her? Points to ponder:

1. She 'wavered' in a very show-offish fashion before the event

2. She had a very nice little speech about China's human rights record sorted out very soon after the event

3. She didn't look either surprised or alarmed - more benevolently amused - when the torch was almost grabbed from her

4. The Free Tibet people must have known that any footage featuring her would get more air-time than some random sweaty unknown 'Olympian'

5. She must have known that she'd get even more attention than usual - and she's a more-than-competent self publicist.

And now I'll shut up and go back to writing genealogies of Shannon Matthews' family, and timelines for the Tapas 9 ....

Anonymous said...

BBC: Did you wear a "free tibet" badge under your tracksuit?

Huq: I wore nothing under my tracksuit.

Sam Duncan said...

Oh, that's done it now. How am I supposed to concentrate on reading the rest of the blog after a comment like that, Anonymous?

kinglear said...

Are you trying to say you find this woman attractive? I dont belive it!

Alan said...

She could hold my torch anytime.

Then I'd have to kill her for being a Labour arse-kisser, but the torch holding would be nice up until that point.

Not a sheep said...

Even I have posted some video of the delectable Miss Huq -