Monday, April 07, 2008

Are Labour MPs a little retarded?

On the day of Brown's last budget I did a brief live blog which said
Oh look, here's the big one. A 2p cut in the basic rate of income tax to 20%. But given he's just scrapped the 10% tax rate altogether he's just off-set it and dragged a ton of people into the 20% tax rate. He's basically just increased income tax whilst making it look like he's cut it.
Now, how come it has taken Labour MPs over a year to figure out what was obvious from the minute the words slipped out of the dour weirdo's lips? What does it say about their intelligence or lack thereof?


Anonymous said...

The same could be asked of Tory and Liberal MPs too.

No one has made a real fuss until now, when real people are facing real tax rises.

Or perhaps that was all part of a cunning plan.

Anonymous said...

It's not taken them 12 months to figure it out, they knew what it meant straight away. Only now their seats don't look as safe as they did a year ago, so now they care.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous number 1, why don't you just fuck off and die, preferably in some hideously painful slow lingering way?


Neither the Tories nor the Lib dems introduced this policy, neither did they have the ability to do ANYTHING ABOUT IT, probably thanks to FUCKING WANKERS LIKE YOU giving Labour a large majority in parliament. Or do you not understand parliament at all?

It is now my primary goal in life to one day meet you when you are on fire, so I can refuse to piss on you. You utter CUNT.

Anonymous number 2 has hit the nail on the head. When LABOUR mps thought there was an election coming they were happy to stomp on the paupers to try to encourage the middle classes to vote for them. Now they are fucking worried because they know only complete fuckwits like Anonymous number 1 would even consider voting labour. Frankly the same people who if they lived in Zimbabwe would be voting for good ole Bob!


dizzy said...

Hmmmm... some anger management issues there methinks.

TrevorH said...

Anonymous nr 3 has hit the nail on the head ... i am ashamed to say.

Tories and business media DID expose this buit the great public just ignored it. This is an important point to consider when the usual suspects complain about the alleged paucity of the opposition to labour.

Now its been realised that the emperor has no clothes things might be different.

Alex said...

The 10% tax thing (pretending to reduce taxes while infact increasing them) is a hallmark of Brown's period as chancellor.

Example #1: Reducing the rate of corporation tax to 30% but brining forward the date at which it is paid from 9 months after the end of the tax year to quarterly during the tax year. Whilst the nominal tax is lower the economic result is better for the Treasury considering the "time vale of money" - or to put it another way, the government got an extra years tax revenue by bringingforward the dates.

Example #2: Reducing the rate of corporation tax to 28%, but reducing the rate of capital allowances from 25% to 20%. The headline rate was lower but because companies had lower deductions and hence more profits, many paid more tax.

In general while Brown claims to have reduced the rate of corporation tax, by whittling away at tax reliefs the net annual corporation tax take has nearly doubled. Needless to say, corporate accounting profits (and hence stock market prices) are about the same as they were in 1997.

Al said...

Looking back at the Live Blog, I spotted this rather curious entry:

* Apparently, we married people just need transferable allowances on Capital Gains Tax. What normal family person ever has to consider capital gains tax?

Is that the thing that's benefitted certain politicians and houses, and pretty much nobody else? In which case, another good spotting at the time, Mr Dizzy!

canvas said...

The press said very clearly at the time - Gordon gives with one hand and takes away with the other. And Gordon always takes away just a little bit more than he gives. It's too bad he decided to rob the poor this time. So un-Labour of him. shame on Gordon.

Anonymous said...

I am anonymous 1 and am respondinding to anonymous 3.

I am a Tory voter, I have always been a Tory voter as I believe they are the only party that sets the people free from the state.

When Gordon started fiddling around with Taxes and confusing them with State benefits I heard warning bells, Loud sirens to be honnest.

By choice I survive on a low wage, that is my choice, I do not expect the state to subsidise me. At the same time I do NOT expect the STATE to penalise me. When Brown introduced the 10p rate then the tax threshold started to decline. When Brown abolished the 10p rate the tax threshold became almost static.

I just want a fair deal on Taxes, I do not want state handouts to compensate, even if they are available to me, which they are NOT.

As I said, this may be a Cunning plan by the opposition to let the changes become law and thus show the BRITISH PUBLIC JUST WHAT A SHIT BROWN IS.

Why should hard up people be taxed to the gunnels, yet be told they can be kept afloat by providing Brown and his communist machine with their ever most details?

Anon 007 said...

Anyone who 'chooses' to survive on a low wage must be slightly retarded. Why would you CHOOSE to live on a low wage if you didn't have to?

Anonymous said...

Anon 007 said...
Anyone who 'chooses' to survive on a low wage must be slightly retarded. Why would you CHOOSE to live on a low wage if you didn't have to?

Good point. Most probably because I do not have to, yet I have now chosen to do so. Money is a fantastic gift (been there got the T shirt) but it is not the be all and end all.

Let this not detract from what should be the dividing line between Communism and the Conservatives.

anon 007 said...

But you are hard up because you 'choose' to be hard up. You appear to be happy to be hard up. Other people don't have the luxury of that weird choice - why shouldn't they be offered assistance from the state to help make ends meet?

ghs said...

The day after the Feartie fae Fife made his 'tax cut' announcement a number of papers and the Conservatives pointed out it was an increase. However most of the media didn't bother.
Now it's coming into affect Labour MP's and the BBC are surprised. It's more a comment on the general poulations intrest in politics, attention span and willingness to apply themselves.
If the Conservatives want to be heard then they have to make sure that the goverment is blamed for everything e.g. that hotel falling off the cliff in Scarborough. Somehow that was John Major's fault.

Anonymous said...

Fact- Labour are socialist scum. If northerners and Wales and Scotland want to be in some kind of communist state thats fine by me BUT for goodness sake let the south live how it wants, after all we are the ones funding your fantasies. The only option now is to divide the country into automonous regions that way we would all be happy as the division between the socialist north and the capitalist south is becoming so apparent you cound mistake it for Korea.