Monday, March 03, 2008

Beyond satire

Spending £12 million quid on advising people how to manage their money and not spend to much or get into debt? What bigger joke can I make than their own?

Press Release from HM Treasury: "Yvette Cooper launches £12m pathfinder for new money guidance service"


Trumpeter Lanfried said...

Have you noticed how EVERY government initiative costs either £10m or £12m?

Tim said...

"Have you noticed how EVERY government initiative costs either £10m or £12m?" They normally involve 20,000 people too. That reminds me, whatever happened to those 20,000 ‘bug busters’ that B’Liar promised that were going to solve the Y2K problem?

nick said...

The link gives me an "unable to verify the identity of as a trusted site" warning. Priceless.
Financial advice from Yvette Cooper? Will that include how to con the taxpayer into paying the mortgage on your second home for you?

Anonymous said...

I'll do it for 12 million

1 - Total up what comes in to you account each week/month.

2 - Take off things you have to pay out for (food, electric, rent etc)

3 - If 2>1 reduce 2 or increase 1.

4 - If 1>2 then spend difference on savings and luxuries. Do not think that this difference can service credit card debt - do not buy on your credit card what cannot be paid off in 2 months.

5 - End

dizzy said...

I spy a flaw in the plan. You are asusming that they can add up.

Anonymous said...

They should have done this 10 years ago and enrolled Gordon.

Peter said...

Sounds a bit like that "don't be a tosser" that was at (no longer active) campaign the Conservatives ran a year or so back.