Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Party Political Animal

Have this morning learnt of a new blog on the block, called Party Political Animal which is a joint effort between the former MP and columnist, Phillip Oppenheim and Jonathan Sheppard of Tory Radio. Phillip has already posed two interesting question regarding the Democrat Race,
would anyone listen to Hillary if she was a man? And would anyone turn up to Barak’s gigs if he was white? I’m not sure of the answers, I just pose the questions.
Well quite!


Anonymous said...

Hard to say, seeing as the coverage of Clinton and Obama's policies in the UK press has been almost nil. I have no idea what they stand for or what they are proposing - or am I the only one who cares?!

tapestry said...

Oppenheim should have titled his blog just 'animal'.

That's what he was at Oxford anyhow.

Good writer.

canvas said...

Isn't Hillary a man?!!
Isn't Barack white?!!

Go Obama!


Jeff said...

So an African American woman would be a dead cert to win then

Chris Paul said...

Er, yes and yes. What do they teach Toffs at their "special schools" these days?