Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Nice work if you can get it

You've got to love massive spending on consultants on projkects which have been widely reported to have been complete bloody disasters right? Take the National Offender Management Systsem (NOMS). Last week the FT reported on reform taking place to make the system actually work along with attempts to cut bureacracy.

The primary consultancy behind the scheme was McKinsey and Company, who have received payments from the Home Office and later the Mnistry of Justice of £13,573,318.94 since 2003. Cheap at half the price I say! Just think what it would cost if they got it right?


Barnacle Bill said...

Maybe we should make ourselves consultants to get some of our taxes back!

Alex said...

I think you will find that pales in comparison to the fees paid to PwC for nothing more than the negotiation of the PFI contracts between London Underground and Metronet. They were retained from around 1998 until 2004, using about 25 staff, supposedly negotating a 30 year deal that collapsed 3 years after it started with only 40% of the work scheduled for those years actually completed, a £2billion cost overrun and tax payers picking up the bill.

Trumpeter Lanfried said...

Everyone who works in the criminal justice system knew from the start that NOMS and all its lunatic software was a doomed project. But many of the people in the Home Office who give birth to these lunatic ideas have never set foot in a court of law or met a real criminal.