Thursday, February 07, 2008

Metronet praised at the London Transport Museum

Yesterday I visited the London Transport museum which is a joint project involving TfL. It was good fun and you go on a journey through the history and into the future of London's transport system, but it was the future part that amused me most.

Obviously, given it is a museum, there are little displays to read. The best display had to be the one that talked about how brilliant Metronet are and how they are going to transform the Tube into a wonderful utopia of happiness.

This was made all the more amsuing in the context of yesterday's news. I think they may need to fix the exhibition and remove the warm words about a company that is and was a complete mess, huh?


Anonymous said...

They should just remove the exhibition entirely. Government propoganda has no place in a supposedly educational establishment.

Anonymous said...

Northern Rock... Metronet..