Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gordon Brown in court today over broken referendum pledge

Well sort of. A former Labour activist is taken Gordon Brown to Brighton County Court today for breach of contract over the promise for a referendum on the EU Constitution Lisbon treaty.

Stuart Bower, a former police officer, and also a former constituency secretary for Hove Labour Party in 1997 has had the papers served and the Government is apparently going to defend itself in open court. If there is a case to answer it will be referred to the High Court.

Strange that such a thing is not running on the BBC website at the moment, as it's quite significant that the case has got as far as it has.

Update: The BBC did comment on it a week ago it seems.


Anonymous said...

wouldnt it be wonderful for the courts to hold this thing up for ages. i know i am dreaming but in the word of king kev "i would just lov it!"

Perry Neeham said...

With your newly acquired specialist knowledge Dizzy, you could offer yourself as the BBC's Court Correspondent.

Matt Jones said...

An interesting case to watch, I think!

Anonymous said...

In the meantime, vote YES at!