Monday, February 11, 2008

A little prediction... sunbeds banned within six months?

Having spent so long now running my way through Hansard and other assorted Parliamentary publications there are moments when I see something and just get suspicious almost instantly. Take for example a question tabled for answer next Monday from the Labour MP for Swansea East, Siân James.

He has asked the Department of Work and Pensions if the Secretary of State "will hold discussions with the Health and Safety Executive on the regulation of sunbeds". Now a month ago you would have thought "ahh she's taking the mickey out Hain" but there does actually seem to be a lot of people talking about this in the last few weeks.

So here's a prediction, I'll give evens that in the next few months there will be a directive from the European Commission about regulating the sunbed industry and that the Government will "start a debate" on it, which actually means they will have their view already set just like they did with incandescent light bulb a year or so ago.

Peter, get in quick and buy your own before your old mates ban them and you lose all the extra cash allowances.


let's ban the sun said...

By which I mean the G2V star we orbit, not the newspaper.

I think you're on to something. The government will have a review, and then we'll discover that the European Empire has made a judgement. Parliament will have to pass that judgement into law (Gold Plated) on pain of death.
Artificial Suntans will be artificial toast.

Anonymous said...

Slightly o/t but about EU bans all the same.

After your blog about the EU banning air-conditioning I emailed europe direct and asked them if it was true they were about to ban it.

This is the link they sent me as a reply:

Fuck knows what it means.

Anoneumouse said...

With all this global warming, the health fascists are going to be F***ed. They are going to have to ban the sun or stop us going out in daylight.

Reduce the carbon foot print "slit a greenies throat today"

matt said...

the government won't just have a "debate" they will have a "national debate". if i hear that term one more time i may just have to hurt someone.

SAd bastard who knows about air conditioning said...

Anonymous 18:31

What it means is that air conditioning using flourides, which is a greenhouse gas 1300 times more powefull than CO2, have to make sure it does not leak and that it should not be used in air conditioning in vehicles. There are alternatives to flourides available for use in air conditioning, taht used by the QE II conference centre for example.

Tameside Eye said...

The recent pictures of Purnell actually leave him a bit tango'd.

Life's an Electric Beach said...

Hey Dizz - as someone (Australian 40s) who has just had their third skin cancer removed and is shocked at the sight of European kids sitting on the middle of the midday sun in Summer let me just say it all reminds me of growing up in Australia in the 70s when we all thought a good sunburn was sign of health rather than future early death. Go to Bondi now and the only people you'll see on the beach at midday are European tourist. Maybe didnt matter when they went somewhere sunny only every five years but many English people regularly use UV heavy sunbeds and have annual holidays on the Med. Be prepared to be overwhelmed by an epidemic of skin cancer in 10-20 years. Maybe earlier according to my doctor.

Don't want to sound too dramatic but had a friend of mine from Uni in Perth (Australia) who died of melanoma.

Wait till you start noticing the little "U" shaped scars on peoples' backs. Actally hope you do because at least it means they were caught early enough.

Pace, but hope you rethink your position.

Better red (well orange) than dead.