Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Why not spend a tenner?

Is there a fight brewing between the cold-blooded and warm-blooded members of the House of Commons? Or is the House of Commons Commission about to find itself forced to change its temperature policy as many sweat-laden MPs in cheap polyester suits start throwing their weight around?

Back in April we had the MP for Hartlepool, Iain Wright as the Commission if they would turn the temperature down in the Commons. Now we have the Isle of Wight MP, Andrew Turner, asking what the policy on temperature is. Clearly there are rumblings in the corridors of power.

Might I make a suggestion? Instead of asking questions, if you're too hot buy one of these and if you're too cold then get one of these. It's not like it will cost you a lot.


Anonymous said...

Or better still make a real contribution to reducing C02 emissions and switch off the heating and air conditioning systems like they are urging on the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Surely they mean the chamber don't they Dizzy?

I don't think you'd get away with taking in a fan heater.

Newmania said...

Or if you find it a little close simply take off your clothes down to your exciting undergarments and dance in a refreshing evocation of a right clear sping.

I know I do

Anonymous said...

You say that Dizzy, but in my MPs office, where I work (1 Parly St), the air con randomly blows out cold air throughout the day, and the radiators are on full blast. On our floor, several PAs and researchers have complained to turn off one or the other, but no-one listens!

It's bad for the environment, don't you know!

flashgordonnz said...

Get one of these beauties! The only issue is where to vent the hot air. Well, if you house alternating warm-blooded and cold blooded in the offices alond one row, the vent can pump the hot air into the next room.
They don't really harm the environment, because they use the electric. It's only greenies that think that cutting up trees and burning them in cast iron heaters is "good" for the environment.

(ps, my experience it's the ladies who feel the cold. Maybe if they wore more clothes or rummed alcohol into their extremities they wouldn't feel the cold. Our own Dear Leader, Helen "Stalin" Clark, is actually a vampire and is quite comfortable at all temperatures. It's just the harsh media glare that bothers her.)