Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Prozac Brown?

There may be some who think the title of this post is a little harsh, but I can't help asking myself the question having watched Prime Ministers Questions. Compare it to all of Brown's previous outings and there was a marked difference in him. He was serenely calm for a start; there was no hint of bubbling anger; and his tone was cheery yet dull.

If I didn't know better I'd conclude a valium was popped an hour or so beforehand. Either that or he's had Paul McKenna round for an hypnosis session. One way or the other something was just not right about him today. Perhaps he just got lucky with second guessing Cameron's questions, but even his put down of Vince Cable was delivered like someone who's SSRI's had finally kicked in.


The Creator said...

I agree. He was suspiciously serene.

The more worrying explantion is that he is simply getting better at it, ie growing into the job and becoming more prime ministerial.

But the more logical explanation is a hefty handful of valium.

On the other hand, valium is a nasty drug with worrying long-term side-effects.

So my advice to Gordo is keep taking the pills.

Chris Paul said...

Perhaps he just didn't bother with the pre-prandial dexys? Not like you to have any quarrel with chemical living.