Sunday, December 09, 2007

Miliband plays party politics with the Teddy Bear and Sudan

This morning's Mail on Sunday carries a a pretty shocking story by Simon Walters. According to the report, David Miliband actively tried to to stop Lord Ahmed and Baroness Warsi from going to Sudan to argue for the release of a woman imprisoned for letting her class of school children call a teddy bear Mohammed.

Miliband objected to the presence of a Conservative peer and the Foreign Office's view was to just let the teacher serve his sentence rather than actively lobby to secure her release. The report also says that the Foreign Office told Ahmed and Warsi that if something went wrong they would only receive limited support from the British Embassy.

It sees incredible to think that Miliband and the Foreign Office would rather just leave a woman in prison in a country that is a medieval hell hole, than to allow people to try and secure their release. Especially to oppose it because one of the peers was a Tory.

Whilst on the teddy bear subject, it amused me greatly at the time when I read this post on Bob Piper's blog. What I found particularly funny was the failure to draw the link between a state where naming a teddy bear Mohammed can get you corporal punishment and the plight of some of the people in the same state.


Anonymous said...

People talk about millivolt as the next labour leader with judgement like that he will go far,all the way to the dole queue.
What a fool he appears everytime he opens his mouth.

Anonymous said...

The present state of UK government is unbelievably fact and not fiction.
Their total ineptness seems to have no limit. Milliband and the "Teddy Affair" would be laughable if it was not for real.
The latest `rumour` to parachute Dromey into a Labour fiefdom really has me worried. Obviously with his finacial background and expertise he is the obvious replacement for Alistair Darling.
Makes Baldricks immortal line "I have a cunning plan" spring to mind.


comfy socks and co-op rum said...

Disagree, the fellow always comes across as competent and given his age a very impressive career to date. I think he could be the next P.M. far more impressive than the loon heading Maggies' old guard. That will be a few years down the line though when Gordon decides to call it a day.

Anonymous said...

"a pretty shocking story by Simon Walters."

Ergo almost certainly complete bollocks, but who cares, the damage will have been done and SW's ends achieved.