Saturday, December 08, 2007

Labour received public funds to train up staff on electoral law?

Whilst some might say that it's only political obsessives that care about the Donorgate, the papers certainly seem to be keeping their interest up on the subject too. The Times is reporting this morning that the Labour Party, as well the Tories and others, received a £180,000 grant specifically to train its staff on how to comply with the electoral laws about party funding and transparency.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Donorgate is starting to become farcical, sone of it is beyond satire. Presumably the Labour Party didn't spend their grant on training, or, if they did, they spent it on training the wrong people?


mitch said...

perhaps its just me but im just not suprised anymore if they took to robbing banks and mugging little old ladies it would be a non story.Nulab seem and I can see their point they are above the law and that is the end of the UK as a democracy and as a fair place to live.If i could afford it I would leave the country.

Barnacle Bill said...

No wonder our Sub-Prime Minister has bottled out of meeting Robert Mugabe.
NuLabor is beginning to look like the Keystone Cops compared to ZANU-PF!

Curly said...

They probably treat it like all other donations!