Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cause and Effect No. II

Decmeber 9th 2007: A law to cut red tape – hailed by Gordon Brown as a crucial means of reducing the burden on business – has failed to axe or even amend a single regulation in the first year of its existence. - Financial Times

December 11th 2007: Cuts to red tape are saving UK businesses and third sector organisations more than £800 million per year, according to a Government report released today. - Government News Network


Anonymous said...

There is red tape that can be slashed/sorted through administrative action, and there is red tape which is enshrined in legislation which needs legislative procedures to remove it.

But you're right, Dizzy, Government Departments are pretty crap at using the tools available to them to remove burdensome legislation. This is true for the Leg and Arm Reform Act 2006 and was also true for its predecessor, the Regulaatory Reform act 2001, where the Govt made inflated claims for the targets they had for delivery and only managed to present to Parliament a fraction of the regulatory reform orders they promised.

Anonymous said...

Two old `phrases` come to mind about this shower we call a government.
Question How do you know he lied?
Answer He opened his mouth.

They can`t even lie straight in bed!

Possible a new one can be added

Blessings on the internet for they will be found out


Anonymous said...

I love your blog Dizzy. It's ace. Way better than Iain Dale. He writes such long posts now and they're all opinion. Guido is better than he was, but you're definitely competitive. Long may it last!

Windsor Tripehound said...

More lost CDs !!


mitch said...

Perhaps gordons moral compass has a calculator built in might explain the figures and lots more.

excalibur said...

More lost CDs

"It wasn't encrypted. This was one of the problems we had identified through our review, that this was an actual weakness. We are now looking at alternative methods of transporting this information."

These people don't bloody learn, or their thinking is so bogged down in crappy procedures, that they're paralysed. If they have to send discs about the place, it doesn't take a lot to encrypt them. There's free software to do it.

They still haven't given up on the National Identity database, even though it's obvious it can all turn to shit in ways they can't imagine, and they just don't have the ability to do it properly anyway.

Be afraid folks, be afraid.