Thursday, September 27, 2007

Geography lessons may be needed methinks

How bizarre, the Labour blogger Mike Ion appears to agree with the assertion that, "At their best, the Tories were a party for the Home Counties. Now they can't even properly claim that constituency".

Shurely shome mishtake?

Note: In fairness to Mike he is (a) a northerner, and (b) a Manchester United fan (I think) and the total letter was really making a clever football Chelsea metaphor. Of course the latter team won last night, whilst the former lost...... to Coventry, hahahahahaha.


Anonymous said...


I am indeed a northerner and I am also a United fan and I had a feckin miserable journey home last night. Thank you for reminding me - you are most kind.

dizzy said...

You're welcome. Everton will probably draw them and lose and you can repay the favour.

Brett said...

Dizzy hates United - look at your own team of journeymen you boring, dirty Scouser. A guy whose career is based on the Tory party or being an Everton fan? Which is sadder? Still, makes a change from dipping bins and stealing like you Vermin normally do.

dizzy said...

Hahaha you do realise that whilst you typed that I was stealing you hub caps right?

JUst to clarify though, my career is based on me being and internet geek, linux sysadmin and code hacker,